January - February 2021


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Shipping & Insurance: 

Effective January 1, 2018, the NFGS will use the USPS published rates.  Insurance on the package will be the responsibility of the member if the cost of the item(s) is over the initial $50.00 allowable amount included in Priority Mail. This means that a member will pay postage in accordance with their zip code, the size, the weight, and the value of the boxed item(s).  

Our office secretary will contact you regarding the actual charges.  Sales tax will be added to orders shipped to Ohio residents.

Our Annual Membership Mice

By Sharon Fenner

For 2021, we are excited to offer two mice in colors sure to stand out in your collection. First is Dandelion Yellow Carnival - a very bright opaque yellow.  The Mosser Company had a special request for this color and we were fortunate to be able to have some mice made. It's eye-catching!

We have had mice made in several different opaque greens and in Emerald Green, but never in a translucent green with opalescence and iridization. Cute as can be, this little mouse will be a welcome addition to your membership mouse collection.

Primary Members who are current on their 2021 dues may order one of each color, per household, for $33 each. Both colors are quite limited. 

We still have a limited amount of this 2020 mouse available.  The lily is the flower that represents the NFGS 30th anniversary.  Susan Bryan has adorned our Ruby Red mouse with a beautiful white lily.  It can be yours for $60. 




Time is Running Out...Your Dues are Due!

The annual membership of each NFGS member expired 12/31/20.  'Thank you' to our members who have renewed their membership. If you haven't renewed your membership prior to February 1, 2021, your name will not be included when the labels are sent to the printer.  

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This 'cool', calorie-free, snowman will melt your heart! Frances Burton has created the sweetest snowman prepared to visit his snowlady with a rose and lovely card. Available, one per member / household on January 19, 2021, for $80.00.  

JF21-snowman-ft_-_374.jpg JF21-snowman-side-374.jpg


Hot Shop and Glass Blowing at Henderson Hall 

By Millie Coty

Henderson Hall is a 29-room Victorian-era Italionate-style mansion located on a terrace overlookin the Ohio River near Williamstown, WV. 

In 2020, a hot shop and blacksmith shop were completed and opened on the grounds. On October 28, 2020, Dave Fetty created assorted pumpkins which sold quickly. On November 28th Frank Workman made pumpkins and blown ornaments.

Check out the webpage www.hendersonhallwv.com or visit their Facebook page for more information.

JF21-4-Frank_Workman.jpeg JF21-4-Dave_Fetty.jpeg



By Becki Ann Selby

LeeAnn G. posted this on one of the Facebook groups. This is a picture of HGTV, Design at Your Door designer David Bromstad's home.  What a beautiful grouping of glass!


Top left: 1930s #857 Pekin Blue Melon Rib fan vase.

Center left: Tangerine Stretch Glass #1563 handled bowl. This bowl was made by Fenton from the #725 Northwood mould acquired by Fenton in the 1920s.

                                                                 Bottom left: Victoria Topaz #200 Guest Set with an unusual Topaz handle sold for $2,200. They typically have a Royal Blue handle.

Below right: Mandarin Red #318 candlesticks with a Gold and Black enamel decortion from the Otto Goertler period. 

                                                                    Below right: Mandarin Red #318 candlesticks with a Gold and Black enamel decortion from the Otto Goertler period.

Bottom right: Crystal Diamond Optic #1502-7oz. Bridge Goblet with a Custard foot. No other two-tone combinations reported.  

JF21-5-Pekin_Blue_fan_vase.jpg JF21-5-Mandarin_Red_candles.jpg


2020 Display Table Challenge

Fenton Karnak Red

By Donna Oehman and Paul Schmitz

Karnak Red is believed to have been produced for only one year, 1926 - 1926, by the same group of European glassworkers that made Mosaic, Hanging Hearts, and Pulled Feather off-hand pieces.

JF21-6-D-P_TULIP.jpg JF21-6-D-P_FTD_VASE.jpg

Above - White tulip

Above right: 12", White hearts, and crimped!

Right: Footed bowl

Below left: Footed vase

Bottom left: Covered, footed candy


Below:  The base of the handled vase is adorned with Lillian Fenton's sticker on the bottom.


JF21-6-D-P_CVD_BOX.jpg JF21-6-D-P_HDL_VASE_374.jpg

Red, White and Blue

By Sharon and Jim Wingrove

This table represents the red, white and blue of the American Flag of the United States of America. We are remembering all who are serving, have served and have sacrificed to protect our nation. Each of these pieces represents a piece Jim helped make when he worked at Fenton Art Glass.

JF21-7-Fenton_Glass_pic4.jpg JF21-7-Fenton_Glass_pic6.jpg


JF21-7-Fenton_Glass_pic9_-comport_150.jpg   JF21-7-BULLSEYE-206.jpg


Plum Opalescent

By Dorie Jessen

Her Fenton Silver Crest collection lead to finding a fantastic accent color for the white glass. The collection includes an awesome collection of hobnail items, a clown grouping, and other beautiful pieces.

JF21-8-clowns.jpg JF21-8-epergne-heart.jpg


July 24 - 26, 2021

Convention Headquarters - Vienna, WV

Grand Pointe Conference and Reception Center

Wingate by Wyndham Hotel

Due to a printing problem last issue, the pictures of this article were re-run.  Please refer to the November / December 2020 issue for all the pictures.


2020 Display Table Challenge

Screaming Yellow

By Carolyn Kriner



Only in Williamstown

By Millie Coty

This Sophisticated Ladies paperweight is almost 4" across and 1" thick, and is thought to be a one-of-a-kind created by Richard Delaney. In 1982 Fenton created 3 vase shapes with this design, which didn't sell well. A Cobalt Blue #7561 10" vase was made exclusively for Roserita Ziegler in 1984.



Fenton and the Regal Iris Lamp

By Doug McIntosh

The author has researched the history of the Regal Iris lamp. You can read all about it in the January/February 2021 issue of the Flyer.





October / November eBay Sales is a Mixed Bag

By Doug McIntosh

Row 1 - 9.75" Favrene pillow vase; OOAK by Robin Spindler; 5 bidders; 43 bids; $3050.


Row 2 - Ruby Carnival double-ball (GWTW) lamp; 4 offers in Best-Offer-Accepted; $1350. 60-inch Cranberry Coin Dot "marriage" lamp; Buy-it-Now $1500. 48.5-inch Blue Opalescent hobnail "marriage" lamp; BIN - $1500.

Row 3 - Lavender Overlay GWTW Roses lamp; Fenton 95th Anniversary; BIN - $850.              11-inch, Plum Opalescent Alley Cat; 5 bidders; 43 bids; $1007.    

JF21-11-RUBY_IRIS_LAMP.jpg JF21-11-CRANBERRY_LAMP-185.jpg  JF21-11-BO_LAMP-185.jpg

Unusual Fenton Lamps:              Married for Better or...not

By Doug McIntosh

Enjoy how creatively Fenton can be used in marriage lamps. Please notice the two lamps above the Alley Cat.

 JF21-13-PEACH_CREST_-249.jpg   JF21-13-CRANBERRY_FLOOR-125.jpg JF21-13-TOPAZ_OPTIC.jpg
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Memories of Madge Tell

By Millie Coty

Madeline M. Tell (member #7), 92, Livonia, MI, passed away October 9, 2020. Madge and her husband, Ed, were founding members of the NFGS. She contributed to the Hospitality Room and was Convention Display Table Chairman for many years.  

Madge is survived by three children, Debbie, Greg (Kathy), and Laure (Michael), five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.


Memories of Bill Cottenmyre

By Millie Coty

Billie E. Cottenmyre (member #373), 73, Springfield, OH passed away October 23, 2020. He was a US Navy veteran. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Brenda, and children Melanie (Wayne) and Todd (Karla), and five grandchildren.

He is well-remembered as a glass dealer and for managing the Fenton glass sale at the Williamstown, WV Elementary School. 

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Exclusive Design by Emporium

Home of Violets with a Bee

By Eric Weber



Emporium is returning with a new name, Exclusive Design by Emporium. The items are being offered in Mosser's Opal satin and Jade satin. 

At this time the pieces are being hand-painted by Susan Bryan and Frances Burton. Be watching for more shapes being offered in the future.

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The Birth of a Mouse

By Joyce Stein

The author shares with NFGS members how our Membership mouse came to be. From sharing their idea with the Fentons, to working with Jon Saffel to create the drawing, then the plaster figure. 

In 2002, the mouse was made in Cobalt Blue.  The Membership mouse was included in a Premium Membership, and a mouse in a different color was sent to the current Premium members automatically each year.  Premium memberships have since been discontinued.


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