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January - February '13

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Introducing 2013 Premium Membership Mice


Dues for 2013 are due!!

Effective 1/1/13 - 12/31/13  

Premium Membership   $45                                Premium Associate       $25                             Regular Membership    $25                                Regular Associate        $5

Below left:  Sage Mist mouse                             Below right:  Sage Mist Iridized mouse                                                                                Sage Mist hasn't been produced since the early 90's.  At that time very few shapes were made, including the NFGS Peacock vases and Happiness Birds.  Our mouse is the first to have an iridized treatment.  All Sage Mist Iridized mice have been claimed.


Sage Mist Iridized version is no longer available.2013_iridized_mouse-400.JPG




And The Winners Are                                By Sharon Fenner


Bridesmaid Doll by Robin Spindler - Frances Janis

Shiny Custard 5165 cat by CC Hardman - Harold Morgan

Periwinkle Blue pendant by Martha Reynolds - Donna Oehman

Congratulations to the winners!!

Thank you to all who participated.



Blending Fenton Art Glass and Vintage Christmas......By John Walk 


John Walk shares with NFGS members how he has created different ways to merge his two collections - Fenton Art Glass and Vintage Christmas items.  Enjoy this peek into what must be a Christmas Wonderland.   

 JF13JWCanaan.JPG JF13JWCandleplate.JPG
JF13JWCranLamp2.JPG JF13JWTree.JPG


 JF13JWRosalene.JPG  JF13JWSanta.JPG





Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Nelson



In every issue Anne shares ways to determine if a piece is mis-labeled as Fenton.  The basket was listed on eBay as "Fenton Hand Blown Basket Eggplant Swirl 7" Tall".  The pitcher was spotted in an antique mall. 

Remember Tom's mantra, "Know your shapes!!" 







The Fenton Barometer---                Still Low, But Steady

By A. Fenton Fann


Above left:  Light Purple (violet) Rose Bowl - $1.525 - 9 bids (watch for an update in the next issue)

Above right:  Topaz Opalescent 7-piece water set - $545 - 4 bids

Below left:  Turquoise Hanging Heart vase from 1925 - $1,204 - 26 bids

Below right:  14-piece Blue Opalescent Paneled Grape punch set - $585 - 50 bids

Right:  Topaz Opalescent 4-horn epergne made for LG Wright in the 1950s - $465 - 30 bids






The Addendum........By Keith Thomas

This column will try to act as an addendum to Thomas Smith's Early Fenton Rarities book.


Left:  Fenton's #891 12-inch vase in the Sung Ko treatment.  Sung Ko is rare in any shape.  It is a treatment from appoximately 1935 that today cannot be replicated.


Critter Corner........By Becki Ann Selby


Below:  Fenton's 5077 Chanticleer Rooster is a very impressive piece.  It stands 10" tall and weighs 6 pounds!





Keeping Your Eyes Open....

By John Walk


Below:  The unusual candleplate, used in the Christmas article, was made from the #7272 candlestick which was flattened out.  

Right:  #1924 5-inch Top Hat basket in Emerald Green was spotted at an antique show in Missouri.





A Passion for Water Lily and Cattails....................By L. M. Whiteless


The Unsung Hero The Decorated Hero

Pictured below is a French Opalescent Water Lily and Cattails spooner rescued from a clothing booth in an antique mall.  It dates back to approximately 1907.

Pictured right is a Waterlily and Cattails sauce dish in Chocolate glass.


JF13Chocolate.JPG JF13ChocBottom.JPG





By Perry Winkle





Above left:  An unusual Fenton No. 50-C lamp made circa 1931-32.  The color of this lamp is a pink/beige which is similar to Cambridge Glass Company's "Crown Tuscan" or the color "Alacite" made for Aladdin lamps of the 1940s-50s.

Above right:  This lamp is similar and has the familiar Black and Moonstone color combination.  The moonstone base is more ornate and shows other differences in the mold shapes.  Does anyone have additional information on this lamp?  




Above:  Pineapple #2000-A double branch candlestick in Rose satin.

Above right and below left:  Examples of reverse-etched pieces.  Below is a large Leaf Tiers bowl with just the leaves satinized.  This treatment was more common with Dancing Ladies and Peacock (above right) pieces.

Right:  A two-toned No. 20-C lamp made circa 1931 in Milk Glass and transparent Green color combination.








November 10, 2012 - A Day in the Life of a Fenton Collector                   By Alan Fenner



Below left:  Frank Workman creating beads

Below right:  Kerri G. ready for the Alley Cat lottery

Row 2 left:  Jena Blair offering Alan F. helpful hints

Row 2 right:  Anne Nelson and Jena Blair ready to get started

JF13Frank.JPG JF13KerriCats.JPG
JF13AlanJena.JPG JF13AnneJena.JPG



JF13Megan.JPG JF13KayS.JPG


Fenton at the County Fair

By Kay Saionz

They share their County Fair experiences!!

Above left:  Kay's niece Megan with her collection of Fenton mice

Left:  Amanda, Kay's niece, with her cat collection

Above:  Kay proudly displays her bridesmaids




Exceptional eBay Excavations           By H. Pokey

Right:  Rare Fenton Art Glass Robert Barber 1976 Custard Drapery Decanter w/Stopper - $350

Row 2:  Fenton OOAK Black Satin Box by JK Spindler & original Wood Chill - $430 - 16 bids  Fenton Art Glass Black Ebony Crest Votive Lamp 5-1/2" Applied Handle - $320.99 - 17 bids

Row 3:  Fenton Hobnail Basket Plum Opal. 1984 Excellent Condition Logo and Tag - $455 - 19 bids Mint+Prf-Vintage-1940s "Fenton Glass" Extrm- SRC "Emerald Crest" Weil 7" Vase - $500 BIN

Row 4:  Fenton Pekin Blue Dancing Ladies #900 11" Oval Flared Bowl - $431.66 - 4 bids                  Rare Fenton 31" Banquet LG Wright Amber Corn Maize Gone-With-The-Wind Lamp - $425 BIN

Row 5:  Fenton Art Glass Orange Slice "Grinner" Ghost - $746 - 22 bids                                          Fenton OOAK Opalescent Satin Halloween Ghost Figurine by Stacy Williams - $746 - 8 bids

Row 6:  Northwood (Fenton?) Green Turtle Flower Block - $51 - 3 bids                                                 1925 Fenton Turquoise Offhand 3-Piece Console Set Applied Hanging Vines Cobalt Stems - $1,324.99 - 31 bids 

BIN = Buy It Now 






JF13Pekin_Dancing_Ladies.JPG JF13MaizeLamp.JPG
JF13Grinner.JPG  JF13Ghost-Opal.JPG







Tips for Solving a Mystery

By S. Holmes 


S. Holmes goes into great detail explaining how to determine the age of a piece and the color used in making the vase.  The vase on the right is exposed to black light, which yeilds a clue.

 JF13SpanLace_Vaseline_Crest.JPG JF13SpanLace.JPG





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