JULY - AUG 2018


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This year we are offering an Iridized Eggplant  mouse (pressed at Mosser Glass)  for $29 and a Cobalt/MilkSlag (pressed at Fenton Collectible's) mouse for $29.  They are limited to one of each per household (Primary member) for the 2018 membership year, on a first come, first serve basis.  The quantities are limited.

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2018

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is Iridized Eggplant which is available for $29.  Next is the Ruby-Opal Slag mouse available for $29.  Both colors of mice were made at the Mosser Glass Co.  These mice are available to members renewing for the 2018 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis. Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2018 annual mice.



The Ruby-Opal Slag mouse has sold out. 

We are substituting Cobalt/Milk slag for the balance of the year. The Cobalt/Milk mice were pressed at Fenton Collectible's and originally offered as 2015 membership mice. As the photos show there is quite a difference in color. Each is a one-of-a-kind!


Something for Everyone!

By Sharon Fenner

WOW...OMG...Awesome...Drop Dead Gorgeous... just a few comments describing the four works of art available to all NFGS members via absentee bids! The four items listed at the top will be auctioned during the Banquet Auction, Monday evening, July 30. Your confidential bid will be executed from the floor. Please fill in the greatest amount you are willing to bid on the item. 

The glass was produced at the Fenton Art Glass Company prior to their shutdown, with exception of the Crown Tuscan Chessie Box made at the Mosser Company.


Banquet Auction Absentee Bid Items

Items A, B, C & D are available to NFGS  Members ONLY and will be auctioned after the NFGS Banquet on July 30.

Each year the NFGS makes available to our entire membership, via absentee bid, several awesome Banquet Auction items.  For 2018 we have chosen four stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.  Included with your July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer is an Absentee Bid Form that may be used to submit your bid before July 24.  For more information see the article on the front page of the Flyer.


Banquet Auction Item A:  2011 Lavender 12" vase with carved geometric, hp Hummingbirds; JK (Robin) Spindler; OOAK. 

This beautiful Lavender vase was designed, sand-carved, and hand-painted by Fenton designer JK (Robin) Spindler in 2011. The NFGS purchased the vase in 2012 and are proud to offer it to all NFGS members.  Robin sand-carved a geometric design at the top, and finished off the base with a ring motif. This complements the hummingbird design to perfection. The soft colors in the design blend beautifully with the glass color. Standing 12" tall, this vase will make a statement in your collection!



Banquet Auction Item B:  2018 #9480 Crown Tuscan Chessie Box hp w/Hydrangeas; Vicki Curren; OOAK.

Vicki Curren has worked her magic on a Mosser made Crown Tuscan Chessie Box. The gray diva kitten, with her head resting on a blue floral pillow and snuggled under a heart print blanket, is wearing Rosalene Pearls in her 'hair'. The lid and back are embellished with beautiful blue hydrangeas. This Chessie Box would be purr-fect in any collection!



Banquet Auction Item C:  2018 Burmese 10" vase hp w/Coral, Shells and Fish; Kim Barley; OOAK. 

Fenton Designer Kim Barley has designed and hand-painted this beautiful 10-inch Burmese vase with an awesome underwater design including a colorful fish, beeautiful coral, seaweed and shells.  The fishnet encircling the top finishes off the design.  This awesome Burmese vase will swim to the top of your collection!



Banquet Auction Item D:  2018 Black Opalescent 9' vase hp w/Zebra design; Michelle Kibbe; OOAK.

A color rarely made by the Fenton Company makes this vase unique in itself, then Michelle airbrushed a gold background, and set it off with white bands top and bottom.  To this she added shadowy trees and two expressive faces of zebras!  Need something 'wild' in your life?  This is the vase for you!





Souvenirs, Raffle Items, and Convention Pins...Just a Reminder

By Sharon Fenner

The NFGS 28th Annual Convention is a few weeks away.  

Please don't forget, we have tickets available for three fantastic Convention Raffle figurines. First is a Salem Blue Happiness Bird, with a gorgeous floral design, designed and decorated by Vicki Curren. 

Next we have a one-of-a-kind Burmese Bird-on-a-log hand-painted with the NFGS exclusive 'Patches' design by CC Hardman. 

Finally is an NFGS Ruby/Milk Slag mouse on a fount. This colorful example will stand-out in your collection.  Tickets are $4 each or 3/$10.       


JA18-PIN.jpg JA18-Patches_bird.jpg

It's 'The Cat's Meow'! Ellen and Ken Stohler 'hit it out of the park' again with the 2018 Convention Pin featuring our 5165 'Patches” cat. At only $8 per pin, our limited quantity of 100 will go quickly.

Only about one-fourth of our original quantity of Crown Tuscan Iridized Working Elephants are still available to our Primary Members, for only $55.         JA18-irid_elephant.jpg


Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore

Right: Westmoreland Blue Mist Rose and Lattice Basket

Right bottom: L. E. Smith 3-footed hobnail bowl and flower frog in Black Amethyst

Below: Tiffin Glass #15310 Red Covered Candy Jar

If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember the late Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"JA18-Tiffin_310_Orange.jpg



NFGS Office Update  

By Millie Coty

On February 22nd and 23rd, thanks to the efforts of many local NFGS members and area residents, the office was vacated.  At the March 23rd Board of Director's meeting, it was decided to do some renovations.  Below is the office after the work was completed.JA18-OFFICE.jpg

News From the Fenton Gift Shop         

Pictured are the souvenir bricks available from the Fenton Gift Shop. The red bricks ($10), from the mid-1960s, are from the entrance area.  The 'Athens Block' ($20) date from 1906. JA18-BRICKS.jpg

It's time to vote for the NFGS Board of Directors!  


Ballots are included with your July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer.  Vote for four candidates.  Mail ballots in the provided special envelope.  Ballots must be mailed to the NFGS office by 7/24/18.

The candidates are:

Right:  Alan Fenner

Below left:  Belinda Fetty

Below right:  Jason Shankland

Bottom left:  Sarah Vicich

Bottom right: James (Jim) Wingrove


Please exercise your right to VOTE.


Critter Corner...Update

By Becki Ann Selby

Randy Crouse responded to an article featuring a Rosalene eagle that had been made by cutting it from a comport lid.  



By Becki Ann Selby

Jim Swenson spotted this lovely Fenton Opalescent double globe lamp on an episode of I Love Lucy.  Could it be Cranberry?

Tales from Kriner's Korner

By Carolyn Kriner

The two 7.5-inch Cranberry Opalescent vases were made by Fenton for LG Wright.  The vase on the left is Eye Dot, while the one on the right is Dot Optic.


Fenton Decorators Meet & Greet

By Millie Coty

The NFGS is honored to host a gathering of the Fenton designers and decorators on Saturday afternoon, July 28 at 1:30pm. Michael Dickinson will 'emcee' the event.  Please come and meet the artists that enhanced the glass we love.


Right: Jade #570-5" footed fan vase, unlisted 

Below left: Milk Glass Basketweave Open Edge 6.25" flat plate, two rows of Open Edge, unlisted

Below right:  Milk Glass Basketweave Open Edge 9" plate for comparison, three rows of Open Edge

Bottom left: Victoria Green (Opalescent) Rib Optic vase, #184-12". 

Bottom right: Victoria Blue (Opalescent) Spiral Optic 9" vase made off a Barcelona line mould acquired from the Diamond Glass Company after its closure in 1931. Unusual.



Fenton on eBay and Facebook:                More For Sale than Ever Before

By Doug McIntosh

Below:  Murphy/Bomkamp in-line 10-inch vase with a Frolicking Fairy cameo design; BIN $880

Below right:  Cranberry Spanish Lace 23-inch Gone-with-the-Wind lamps; BIN $850

Below center: Aqua Opalescent hobnail punch set, including 8 stems and a ladle, sold with a best-offer-accepted after an original selling price of $888 

Right row 3:  Ruby Carnival 9-inch Dragonfly and Lotus bowl; $599; 1 bid

Right bottom:  Iridized Rose Magnolia Opalescent Diamond Lace epergne; $415; 41 bids; 7 bidders




2018 NFGS Convention

July 28, 29, & 30

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Auctions Banquet * Bingo * Glass Displays Consignment Auction * Dinner Cruise


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 25 - 27, 2017


Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check, to:                             National Fenton Glass Society   P. O. Box 4008                           Marietta, OH  45750