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November - December '11

This page is designed to complement The Fenton FlyerThe Fenton Flyer is printed in black and white, with color highlights on several pages, but without full color photos.  We hope the members of the NFGS enjoy viewing the photos in color, and the visitors to the NFGS website enjoy them and are curious to learn more about the articles they represent.  To learn more about the NFGS or to join, please visit the Membership page by clicking on the title in the panel on the left or on the bottom of this page.


Celebrate the Holidays with NFGS Fenton Glass

We are excited to offer four NEW items for your Holiday decorating or gift-giving.  First, for our Premium Members, we have an Indigo Blue mouse, decorated in the Mary Gregory style, with a Holly and Scroll design, by CC Hardman.  Check out that cute little face!  It is available for only $30.

Next, for all members, is a Ruby 5468 sitting baby elephant.  This mould is similar to the larger 5058 sitting elephant.  Beautifully decorated in the Mary Gregory style "Winter Wishes", by CC Hardman.  Peaceful and serene describes the wishing well and trees, blanketed by new-fallen snow.  It can be yours for only $33.


nd11Winter_Wish_1.JPG nd11Winter_Wish_5.JPG

BEADS - We have our second offering of beads.  The first bead is Ruby with two Milk Glass hearts.  These hearts are created using the same technique as the Hanging Heart pieces, by placing a dot of Milk Glass on the Ruby bead and pulling it into the heart shape.  Next is a Vasa Murrhina style bead.  The bead is Milk Glass with green and red frit, plus copper mica.  Both will have an NFGS decal.  A perfect combination of colors for the holidays, and will complement your favorite outfits all year-round.  They are available for $35 each, which includes shipping.       nd11Bead_red-hanging-heart.JPG  nd11green_red-bead.JPG

Stuck on NFGS Pins....By Ken Stohler

A little history on the NFGS pins. 

The NFGS Tote Bag is a bargain at only $7!!

A super stocking stuffer!
A great little gift!  nd11Pins.JPG  NFGS_tote_1-250.JPG

2011 NFGS Holiday Raffle!!

nd11Fetty_elephant_5frtrt.JPG nd11Fetty_elephant_left.JPG nd11Fetty_elephant_3frlft.JPG

We have a three piece raffle to put a little excitement into the season!!  The first name drawn will receive a beautiful 4-inch Dave Fetty Hanging Hearts on Ruby elephant.  The second name drawn will receive the Ruby 5468 one-of-a-kind "Breezy Snowflakes" elephant, by CC Hardman.  The third name picked will be sent a one-of-a-kind Indigo Blue "Blustery Blessings" NFGS mouse, also decorated by CC Hardman.  

nd11Breezy_Snowflakes_3.JPG nd11Breezy_Snowflakes_5.JPG
Tickets can be purchase for $5 each or 6 for $25.  Please send your check to the office and Suzy will fill out the tickets and add them to the drawing.  The drawing will be held on December 15th.  The packages will be mailed the same day, so you will receive your prize in time to enjoy for the holidays!!    nd11Blustery_Blessings_2.JPG nd11Blustery_Blessings_4.JPG

NFGS Mould Fund Raffle!!

Mould Fund Raffle................   By Millie Coty



These beautiful pieces of Fenton are the raffle prizes for our Mould Fund.  The Fund will be used to purchase Fenton moulds for the club, should they become available.

The prizes are a #3808XO Violet Overlay Hobnail Gone-with-the Wind lamp donated by Judy and Ckris Cord, and a shiny Blue Burmese #7369 cruet with a one-of-a-kind hand-painted decoration by Marilyn Wagner.  The cruet was given by Joyce and Bob Stein.  

Tickets can be found on an insert included in the September/October issue of The Fenton Flyer.  They are $20 each or 6 for $100.  The drawing will be held April 10, 2012.  The first name drawn will have choice of items.  The second name drawn will receive the remaining item.  This raffle is open to NFGS members only.




 22nd Annual Convention of the National Fenton Glass Society


July 28 - July 30, 2012

 Below are the photos appearing in the November/December 2011 issue of the Flyer.

The Fenton Barometer... By A. Fenton Fann

This Fenton Coin Dot lamp was the top Fenton eBay seller the week ending 9/30/11. 


Mary Walrath's Love Bouquet - Miniature Burmese Collection.. By Tom Norskov

Right:  Example of a base.  Below left:  Closeup of the design on the toothpick.  Below right:  The seven- piece pressed assortment.


nd11WalrathToothpick.JPG nd11WalrathGroup.JPG

Florida Chapter of the NFGS - Update........ By Judy and Ckris Cord

The name has been changed to the Fenton Glass Society of  Florida.  If interested, please email fentonglasssocietyofflorida@yahoo.com or collectorsitemsunlimited@yahoo.com   

Critter Corner........... 

Fenton's 5225 Puppy, both original and updated versions.  

Right:  Natural one-of-a-kind Louise Piper original style puppy.  Below, left to right:  current version in Carnival glass, original version in Roses and Bows and Rueven treatment.

By Becki Ann Selby nd11PiperPupSig-500.JPG










 nd11CarnivalPup.JPG  nd11RosesPup.JPG nd11RuevenPup.JPG


Fenton Gems........... By Doug McIntosh


Right:  3986 Vanity Boxtle in Milk Glass.

Far right:  3386 Vanity Boxtle in Willow Green Opalescent.  Note the more rounded collar on the top of the bottle. 

nd11Boxtle_Milk.JPG nd11Boxtle_Green.JPG


Meet the Fenton Designers.........By Ed Herb
Talented artisans Kim Barley, Susan Bryan, Michelle Kibbe, Robin Spindler and Stacy Williams responded to a questionnaire created by Ed Herb.  This insightful article deals with the person behind the glass, the paint, and the brush.  






Left:  Kim Barley

Below:  Michelle Kibbend11MichelleKibbe.JPG

Below:  Robin Spindler nd11Spindler.JPG


Above:  Kim's Holiday Chums mouse                                         Right:  Michelle's Connoisseur Collection vase                            Far right:  Robin's Cobalt Pillar vase

 nd11Kibbe_ConnColl.JPG nd11SpindlerPillarCobalt.JPG

Left:  Stacy Williams

Below left:  Stacy's Aubergine Mary Gregory style vase


Right:  Susan Bryan

Below right:  Susan's Midnight Magic on Cobalt doll

 nd11WilliamsMary_Gregory.JPG  Ladies, we thank you for your fine work.
















































Keeping Your Eyes Open......By John Walk

A variety of Fenton hobnail cruets made from the Wrisley bottle mould.



nd11CranberryHob.JPG Left:  Cranberry Opalescent sample produced for Wrisley Below:  Wild Rose Overlay sample bottle.nd11RubinaHob.JPG Below:  Blue Opalescent Cruet bottle produced for E. P. Paul nd11BlueHob.JPG


Frank Would Have Loved These...........By Tom Smith

Left:  #232 rare 8-inch candlestick in Ebony made by Fenton. 

Below:  Spittoon in the rare Mustard color, about 4" tall and 7" across.


Below:  Smokinnnn!  Rare ball ashtray in Amber Ming. nd11TKSetched-300.JPG


Fabulous Convention Finds.....By Judy and Ckris Cord




Right:  Some of the finds from the 2011 Convention.


Below:  Jonquil vase, Custard Hanging Hearts vase, Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail Coin Dot hurricane lamp, French Opalescent Hobnail covered jar, Budweiser Clydesdale fairy light, Blue Opalescent Hobnail peg vase, and Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail cereal bowl.   

nd11CordGroupSmall.JPG Below:  Anthony Rosena signature on M.G. Hobnail candle bowl, and Louise Piper sig. on a Chocolate World vase. nd11ChocWorldSig.JPG

nd11CordGroupPiper.JPG  Left:  5165 cats by Dave Fetty, Marilyn Wagner and others.





















Merry Christmas!!
 Happy Holidays!!
 Happy New Year!!