2018 NFGS Consignment  Auction

The NFGS Consignment Auction will be held at 1:00 pm on Sunday, July 29 at the Williamstown High School, 219 W. Fifth Street (rear), Williamstown, WV.  26187  Preview will begin at 12:30 pm.  NFGS members, and non-members, if you are unable to attend, you can place an absentee bid. This is your opportunity to participate and win something for your collection. The auction is open to the public.  We invite anyone who is in the area to attend the auction.  Photos of the items are posted below.

Consignment Auction Absentee Bidding

Bidding will begin on the floor, then your bid will be placed competitively by a neutral party. No absentee bid will be placed if the item is damaged. Winning bidders will be responsible for their bid, sales tax, plus USPS published shipping rates.  You will find an absentee bid form in your most recent Fenton Flyer, or you may print a copy from the PDF posted on this page.  Please be sure your absentee bid form arrives at the office by Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

Please be aware that descriptions are the responsibility of the individual consignor and that the NFGS holds no responsibility as to their accuracy.

A listing of the auction items and an absentee bid form are available to print.  Please click on the PDF icon to the right.

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Items A, B, C & D are available to NFGS Members ONLY and will be auctioned after the NFGS Banquet on July 30.


 Banquet Auction Absentee Bid Items

Each year the NFGS makes available to our entire membership, via absentee bid, several awesome Banquet Auction items.  For 2018 we have chosen four stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.  Included with your July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer is an Absentee Bid Form that may be used to submit your bid before July 24.  For more information see the article on the front page of the Flyer.

Banquet Auction Item A:  2011 Lavender 12" vase with carved geometric, hp Hummingbirds; JK (Robin) Spindler; OOAK. 

This beautiful Lavender vase was designed, sand-carved, and hand-painted by Fenton designer JK (Robin) Spindler in 2011. The NFGS purchased the vase in 2012 and are proud to offer it to all NFGS members.  Robin sand-carved a geometric design at the top, and finished off the base with a ring motif. This complements the hummingbird design to perfection. The soft colors in the design blend beautifully with the glass color. Standing 12" tall, this vase will make a statement in your collection!


Banquet Auction Item B:  2018 #9480 Crown Tuscan Chessie Box hp w/Hydrangeas; Vicki Curren; OOAK.

Vicki Curren has worked her magic on a Mosser made Crown Tuscan Chessie Box. The gray diva kitten, with her head resting on a blue floral pillow and snuggled under a heart print blanket, is wearing Rosalene Pearls in her 'hair'. The lid and back are embellished with beautiful blue hydrangeas. This Chessie Box would be purr-fect in any collection!


Banquet Auction Item C:  2018 Burmese 10" vase hp w/Coral, Shells and Fish; Kim Barley; OOAK. 

Fenton Designer Kim Barley has designed and hand-painted this beautiful 10-inch Burmese vase with an awesome underwater design including a colorful fish, beeautiful coral, seaweed and shells.  The fishnet encircling the top finishes off the design.  This awesome Burmese vase will swim to the top of your collection!


Banquet Auction Item D:  2018 Black Opalescent 9' vase hp w/Zebra design; Michelle Kibbe; OOAK.

A color rarely made by the Fenton Company makes this vase unique in itself, then Michelle airbrushed a gold background, and set it off with white bands top and bottom.  To this she added shadowy trees and two expressive faces of zebras!  Need something 'wild' in your life?  This is the vase for you!



NFGS Consignment Auction Items

The Consignment Auction is open to the public.  Absentee bids will be accepted from members and non-members. 

An Absentee Bid form was included with the July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer, or you may print a copy using the PDF posted on this page.  Please return the bid form to the NFGS office by July 24.  Your absentee bid will be executed from the bid floor by an independent bidder.  Any pieces won by an absentee bidder will be shipped after the Convention.   



#155 - Lotus Mist Burmese 8" jug vase hp w/ roses and rosebuds by CC Hardman for NFGS

#156 - Dave Fetty (signed) Celeste Blue 6.75" chalice w/ Black Hanging Hearts; for NFGS 2004

auction_157.jpg auction_158.jpg

#157 - #A9518N1 Experimental Gray/Violet blown 6.5" double-crimped bowl, SAMPLE; tag dated 4-29-60

#158 - #216Z4 Experimental Burmese 3.75" bowl vase, SAMPLE; tag dated 8/18/61

auction_159.jpg auction_160.jpg

#159 - #8619 Violet Stretch Lucere 18-panel 5.5" cupped comport 

#160 - #5163Champagne Satin small bird hp w/ Pink & Purple Floral



#161 - #2931 Burmese Paisley slipper hp w/ Rose & Forget-me-nots by Donna Robinson; QVC 04/95 

#162 - #5233 Burmese reclining bear Patches design hp by Diane Johnson, w/ box; NFGS 2005

auction_163.jpg auction_164.jpg

#163 - #1358 Honey Amber Bubble Optic 8" vase (after market) lamp

#164 - #8452 Rosalene fan vase; 1976

auction_165.jpg auction_166.jpg

#165 - #7252 Burmese 7.5" vase Maple Leaves transfer design; 1970-72

#166 - #6833 Black 8.5" basket Tiger Lilies design SAMPLE, hp by JK (Robin) Spindler; 2002 

auction_167.jpg auction_168.jpg

#167 - CHOICE: Cranberry Opalescent hobnail 4.5" vase (1940-47) or #3835 5.5" basket (1950-55)

#168 - #7436YR Yellow Roses 5" basket; 1969-71

auction_169.jpg auction_170.jpg

#169 - #9394 Rosalene 3-pc. Ogee covered candy box; 1976-77

#170 - #7484 Cameo candy box w/ lid, Daisies design, hp by Marilyn Wagner; 1979-81 (chip on lid)

auction_171.jpg auction_172.jpg

#171 - 2 pcs: Shiny Custard: #1966 Daisy-and-Button bell (1973) or 6" beaded melon vase

#172 - 3-pcs: pr. #5533 Crystal Birthstone angels (February) & #9662 Pink Praying Girl bell (1982-83)

auction_173.jpg auction_174.jpg

#173 - 2-pcs: #8698 Dusty Rose & Indigo Blue sm. round clocks

#174 - 2-pcs.: #7213 Silver Crest ftd. cake plate (1952-79) & #3733 MG hobnail Heart Relish ( (1958-86)

auction_175.jpg auction_176.jpg

#175 - #7504 Velva Rose 5-pc. epergne;1980 75th Anniversary

#176 - #1790 Colonial Blue Diamond Optic courting lamp (oil); 1962-63 (chip/crack on base of shade)

auction_177.jpg auction_178.jpg

#177 - #4375 Sky Blue 1-pint pitcher

#178 - #1142 Celeste Blue Stretch 7" ftd. basket Coralene Floral design hp by Pam Hayhurst

auction_179.jpg auction_180.jpg

#179 - #7572 Velva Rose 3" candleholders; 75th Anniversary 1980

#180 -  #192 Peach Crest 10" bowl; 1943-48

auction_181.jpg auction_182.jpg

#181 - #1454 Cranberry Coin Dot 3.5" vase; 1948-64 

#182 - 3-pcs.: #389 French Opalescent hobnail 7"  2-hndl bonbon (1942-54) and #3901 French Opalescent hobnail sugar/creamer set (1940-54)

auction_183.jpg auction_184.jpg

#183 - #5146 Violet 8.5" 1870 Victorian walking dress hp by Jennifer Peyton, w/ orig. box & stand (#279/4750)

#184 - #5047 Spruce Green 8" Gibson Girl dress hp by Elainea Baumgard, w/ orig, box & stand (#277/4750)

auction_185.jpg auction_186.jpg

#185 - #5045 Pink Chiffon 8" 1925 Flapper dress hp by D.Snyder w/orig. box & stand (#949/4750)

#186 - #5523 Legendary Fashions 12.5" mirror

auction_187.jpg auction_188.jpg

#187 - 2-pc.: Cranberry Ivory Rose beaded melon perfumes w/ oval Blue Topaz 5" stoppers. hp by Charlotte Smith; 2005 (unusual!)

#188 - Blue Burmese 8" pillow vase w/ lake scene hp by Kim Barley (#5/25) 

auction_189.jpg auction_190.jpg

#189 - #9295 Willow Green 6.5" Imperial slipper hp w/ White swans by J. Drayer

#190 - #7204 hammered colonial 16" lamp, Going Home designed and hp by Michael Dickinson, 3rd in Christmas Classics series; 1980

auction_191.jpg auction_192.jpg

#191 - Pr. #9071 8.5" Amethyst candlesticks 

#192 - #3774 'Root Beer' hobnail single candleholder,SAMPLE, not in-line, Museum #68-59-09F; dated 5/83   

auction_193.jpg auction_194.jpg

#193 - Set: Colonial Blue Valencia #8399 cigarette lighter and #8398 cvd. cigarette box; 1969-73

#194 - #5186 Orange Slice 5.25" hen-on-nest hp by JK (Robin) Spindler

auction_195.jpg auction_196.jpg

#195 - #04359 Favrene 6.25" Loganberry vase, 3 Fenton family etched signatures; Dealer Signing Event 2006

#196 - Emerald Green hat pin holder Good Luck pattern, hp w/ daisies by JK (Robin) Spindler, w/ hatpins; for Heart of America Carnival Glass Association 2002

auction_197.jpg auction_198.jpg

#197 - 7-pc. #1146 Rosemilk Opalescent Diamond Optic Progressive Set for 7" pinch vase w/ Black crest; from bud to finished product in seven steps

#198 - OOAK 3-layer (Black, Ruby, Milk) cased vase, sand-carved and hp by JK (Robin) Spindler; 2011

auction_199.jpg auction_200.jpg

#199 - #5180 Black owl decision-maker; 1970-72

#200 - #7333 Ruby Snowcrest lg. Heart Relish dish; Valentine's Day promotion 1980

auction_201.jpg auction_202.jpg

#201 - #5156 Amberina hen-on-nest cvd. dish

#202 - Pr. SAMPLE goblets: Colonial Pink Cactus (tag date 12/12/61) & Colonial Amber Flower Band (engraved 12/22/66) w/Charlie Goe initials (CWG) 

auction_203.jpg auction_204.jpg

#203 - Pr. SAMPLE goblets: Amberina Daisy and Button (tag date 9/7/61) and #326A Ruby (engraved date 9/18/62) w/ three Fenton family sigs from 2008

#204 - #3075 Gold Amberina 7" cruet w/ stopper, hp by T. Neader (#1103/2500); Historic Collection 1999

Thank you for viewing the NFGS auction glass.  We hope to see you at the auction, but if you are unable to attend, please consider placing an absentee bid.  There is a PDF of that form at the top of each page.  This consignment auction is open to the public.  We will accept absentee bids from non-members. 

This is page 4 of 4 pages of auction items. 

We hope you found something you can't live without!  See you at the auction!!