The National Fenton Glass Society, Inc. was founded in August of 1990.  It was Incorporated April 12, 1991.  The office is located in Marietta, OH, at 156 Front Street.  This is an historic district, across from the Lafayette hotel and near the Ohio River.  You can walk down to the river or to many antique shops in the area.  The office hours are Tues. through Thurs. from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  Stop by and say "Hello" to the NFGS Secretary, Samantha Inman. 


Alan Fenner, Minnesota, President

Charles Lyngaas, Illinois, Vice President

Karen Lemmon, Illinois, Secretary

Susan Jean Davison, Ohio, Treasurer*

Jena Blair, Ohio, Historian*

 Millie Coty, West Virginia                             Belinda Fetty, West Virginia                         Matthew Light, Virginia                                 Jay Kabinoff, New York                                 Douglas McIntosh, Georgia                         Lorianne Puskarich, Pennsylvania             Becki Ann Selby, Kentucky                         Ellen Stohler, Virginia                                   James (Jim) Wingrove

 *Denotes appointed position

Registered, State of Ohio/Agent, L. David Matheny

On display at the NFGS office is glass made exclusively for the membership.  Glass reference books are available for research.


THE FENTON FLYER, bi-monthly newsletter of the National Fenton Glass Society, Inc

Members receive six issues each year.  Articles are written by club members. Subjects covered recently include "Fenton look-alikes" and " Fenton Classics".  On the front page of the issue shown on the left, is the article  "Collectors' Corner".  This is the best source for information on the upcoming convention.  We have enjoyed articles highlighting members collections, "eBay Finds", and treasures found at auction.  The "Letter from the President" will keep you up to date on club happenings.  Club glass that is available for purchase is listed, plus "For Sale" and "Wanted" Fenton glass are listed.    Typically, it is 16 pages chock full of information, news and opportunity to find a Fenton treasure.  It includes something for everyone.



The Happiness Bird is the emblem for the National Fenton Glass Society, Inc.  A member approached Bill Fenton for ideas for a logo.  Bill Fenton sketched several versions.  This is the one that was chosen.