Jan.-Feb. '11

This page is designed to complement The Fenton FlyerThe Fenton Flyer is printed in black and white, with color highlights on several pages, but without full color photos.  We hope the members of the NFGS enjoy viewing the photos in color, and the visitors to the NFGS website enjoy them and are curious to learn more about the articles they represent.  To learn more about the NFGS or to join, please visit the Membership page by clicking on the title in the panel on the left or on the bottom of this page.


Below are the photos that appear in the Jan. - Feb. 2011 issue of the Fenton Flyer.

 Opportunity to own an exclusive "Artistry" vase



The Board of Directors of the NFGS agreed in November to purchase one of the "Artistry" vases to offer to members in a raffle.  There is no way to convey what an awesome work of art this is.  Individuals included on this vase are Frank and Bill Fenton, Louise Piper, Dave Fetty, Frank Workman, Ron Dick, Chris Carpenter and others.  Add to that, the tools and equipment used by these craftsmen.  Please refer to the article in the Flyer for details regarding what is included with the vase.  Included with this Flyer is an insert.  Chances can be purchased for $25 for one, $67.50 for three and $100 for five.  The lucky winner's name will be drawn March 31, 2011.  The raffle is open to NFGS members only.  

 NFGS President Doug McIntosh learned first-hand how difficult it is to remove a single piece of the mask used to create a cameo vase.  Many of the pieces of the mask are the size of a piece of string. 

 Save the dates

July 30 - Aug. 1, 2011

21st Annual NFGS convention

   Comfort Inn    Marietta, OH

Phone 740-374-8190 for reservations


Introducing the 2011 Premium Membership mice.  This year you are offered choice of a Buttercup mouse or Orange Slice mouse.  Please renew your membership to insure getting the mouse of your choice.  We are pleased to be able to offer two mice in the most recently introduced colors.  They will stand out in your collection of NFGS mice!!



Frank Would Have Loved This.... by Thomas K Smith

Pictured is an Amethyst Opalescent Waterlily and Cattails Spittoon.  It dates to about 1909 and more than likely is made from the master berry mould.

1-2-11TKSbowlSide.JPG 1-2-11TKSbowlTop.JPG

Fenton Revives the Art of Lampwork..by Sharon Fenner

Fenton has ventured into the art of bead making.  Pictures show Jena Blair creating beads offered in the fenton Gift Shop.  The beads are created from glass rods created in the Fenton factory from glass colors currently in the line.  Trudy Mendenhall also makes beads and decorates them with popular Fenton designs.

1-2-11up-closeBeads.JPG 1-2-11jena-bl-bkg250.JPG
 1-2-11bead250.JPG 1-2-11fenton-bead-frame-250.JPG1-2-11my_beads_1r.JPG



Collectors Corner: Anne Nelson - Jade is her Passion!......by Tony Burgess

Tony Burgess conducted an interview with Anne Nelson regarding her awesome collection of Fenton's Jade.Her collection includes Jade made in the 1920s, 30s and a few from the 1980s.  



Keeping Your Eyes Open...  By John Walk


Many beautiful Fenton pieces adorn the Walk's window seat area.  They have Christmas displays throughout their home.These items were added to their collection by "Keeping their eyes open"while enjoying antique shops, flea markets and glass shows.


1-2-11JohnWalkLamp250.JPG  1-2-11JWWindow500.JPG

Fenton with a Special Meaning......by Ed Herb

The Fenton Friendly Folks eGroup has had two exclusive items made.  At right is the 2010 Lavender Satin 5163 Cancer Awareness songbird.  Far right is the 5148 Opal Satin Fenton mouse with the Blue Roses design, made in 2009.

 1-2-11CancerBird250.JPG 1-2-11ShannonMouse250.JPG


Never Say Never When it Comes to Fenton Collecting......by Robby Alverson

It is RARE to find a piece of Crystal Dot Optic.  Shown here are four elusive items.



Fenton in Print: A. L. Randalls Catalogs............... by John Walk

Above is an illustration demonstrating combining crystal hurricanes, candles, flowers and Silvercrest pieces. 


At right is an illustration from an A. L. Randall catalog from 1959 showing how they encouraged customers and florists to use the epergne.




Fenton's 2011 Spring Line has Dealers and Collectors Hopping.....By  Tony Burgess

Below:  Handpainted Buttercup Rooster                                      Right:  Ruby Egg - Mary Gregory - Cat Design                                   Far right:  Violet egg - Butterfly Design                                         Below left:  Lotus Mist Lop-ear Bunny - Hydrangea Design Below center:  Orange Slice Hobnail 7.5" Trumpet Vase Below right: Orange Slice Diamond Optic 2-pc. Fairy Light




eBay Finds......By Ckris Cord

Right:  Louise Piper HP Temple Jar w/Unicorns             Far right:  Green Opalescent Bubble Optic (Coin Dot)

Below:  Burmese Lamp Louise Piper HP Pheasant Design

Center top:  1956 Goldenrod Brides Basket - Rare       Center bottom: 1968 Mandarin Red Slag sample footed bowl

Far right:  Blue Opal. Hobnail  3 Part Relish  #3822-BO      Far right bottom:  Cranberry Opalescent Polka Dot 8" vase #2258


1-2-11temple_jar250.JPG 1-2-11GO_Coin_Spot.JPG









Off - eBay Finds.................... By Ckris Cord

Right:  Ivy green 10" Diamond Lace Rose Bowls                        Far right:    WMGH plate hand painted by Louise Piper      Below left top:  10" Crystal Crest/Gold Crest bowl           Left bottom:  Pink Frit Raised Roses on Custard by L. Piper

1-2-11Dia_Lace_Rose_Bowls250.JPG 1-2-11LP_WMGHCardinal250.JPG

Below:  Topaz Opalescent Cactus Water Set

Right:  Burmese 11" Hand Vase HP by Robin Spindler