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2015 Consignment pictures have been posted!!!

NFGS dues for the 2015 membership year are due January 1, 2015.  All current members received an insert with the November/December issue of The Fenton Flyer, which you may fill out and return to the NFGS office.  To avoid the 4% administrative charge for card usage, please include a check.  Members renewing, or those joining, then have the option of purchasing our annual mice.  This year we are offering a Cobalt/Milk Glass Slag for $29 and a satinized Aubergine for $25.  They are limited to one of each per household (Primary member) for the

2015 membership year, on a first come, first serve basis.  The quantities are limited.

For your convenience, there is a PDF Icon of the renewal form at the bottom of this page. 

Past issues of The Fenton Flyer may be purchased from the NFGS office for $2 per issue.

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2015

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is the Cobalt and Milk Glass slag which is available for $29.  Next is the satinized Aubergine mouse available for $25.  These are available only to members renewing for the 2015 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis.  There is no choice regarding the slag mouse, but I'm sure you will be pleased.  As you can see in the pictures below, each is a one-of-a-kind!!  Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2015 annual mice.  Renewals will be accepted immediately.  

ND14_3_Mice_front_373.jpg ND14_3_mice_back_373.jpg

2015 Raffle - A Blast From the Past!

By Sharon Fenner

Read all about these two items on the front cover of The Fenton Flyer! Tickets are $4 each or 3 for $10 for these one-of-a-kind treasures.





Our 2015 Souvenir Has Landed!

By Sharon Fenner

The souvenir for 2015 is the NFGS emblem - the 5197 Happiness Bird.  Made by the Mosser Glass Company in Ocean Blue Iridized, only 100 are available to NFGS members.  The iridization on this bird is awesome; almost impossible to photograph!  The souvenir is available to all members for $45.  It may be picked up during the convention or shipped following convention.  Place your order soon to ensure receiving one of these before they fly out of the office!


Own a One-of-a-Kind Convention Creation--Even if You Cannot Attend Convention!

By Sharon Fenner

NFGS Members only Banquet Auction items.  Absentee bids will be accepted on these three beautiful One-of-a-Kinds.  Absentee bids will be executed from the bidding floor by an independent bidder.  Descriptions below.







Above left we have Banquet Auction A, a one-of-a-kind "Patches" Chessie box, designed and hand-painted by Robin Spindler.  The lid is Plum Opalescent, and the box is Opal.  Robin has created a mouse from a teddy bear charm.

Above right is Banquet Auction B, a Sage Mist Happiness Bird with a "Sternwheeler" design, created and hand-painted by Robin Spindler.  The detail on this bird is impossible to convey in words or pictures!  It has silver highlights.

At left is Banquet Auction C, an eight inch Black Fenton vase in a unique shape.  The "Eye of the Tiger" vase was done in 2014 by JK Spindler.  Gold decals enhance the base and neck of the vase.  The top is encircled with white dots.  

An absentee bid form is included with the July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer, or you can print a copy using the PDF posted on the bottom of this page.  These three items are listed at the top of that form.  Fill it out and mail it to the NFGS office to arrive before July 22.  

These awesome pieces will be auctioned following the NFGS Banquet, July 27.  

 Silent Auction Happiness Bird →

This beautiful Sage Mist Happiness Bird was designed and hand-painted by Fenton designer Frances Burton.  This stunning Chickadees and Blossoms design is very realistic!  

NFGS Members only Silent Auction item.  This bird will be offered for bids during Glass Sales and during the Valley Gem dinner cruise.  Our members who are unable to attend may place a bid by writing their name and bid on a slip of paper and putting it in an envelope marked "Silent Auction Bid".  Please mail it separately from any other correspondence.  The envelope won't be opened until all bids are in and bidding is closed.  Your bid will be opened and considered with all others.  Silent Auction bids are different than other absentee bids, in that the amount you bid is the amount you will pay. 

Any Banquet Auction absentee bid items and this Silent Auction piece, if won by a member not in attendance, will be shipped postage paid following the Convention.



Presenting Our 2015 NFGS Convention Pin

By Ken Stohler

The pin for 2015 commemorates the 25th anniversary of the National Fenton Glass Society.  The happiness bird is our club emblem.  Members may order pins by filling out the Convention registration form and mailing it to the NFGS office.  At 1 1/2-inches they are larger than pins offered in the past, and are available for $7.00, tax and shipping included.



Meet the 2015 NFGS Board of Directors Candidates                                                

Please read the bios in this issue of the Flyer.  Your ballot and mailing envelope are included with this issue.  They must be postmarked by July 16, 2015.

JA15-SUZY_B-6.jpg JA15-KAREN-6.jpg

Above:  Suzy Boone; Above right:  Karen Lemmon; Below:  Doug McIntosh      JA15-DOUG-6.jpg


Above right:  Sarah Plummer                                    Left:  Craig Rowe                                                      Below:  Becki Ann Selby



Fantastic Post - 1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Cranberry Polka Dot Ivy Bowl, Original lable; $132.50; 28 bids

Below:  Fenton Bunny with Reuven Coloration; $110.00; 1 bid

Center left:  New World Decanter Set in Rare Dusk Color; shared picture

Center right:  Aqua Crest Miniature Jug, #137; $55.00; Buy It Now

Bottom left:  Silver Crest Bowl with Pansy Design by Louise Piper; $138.49; 7 bids

Flame Crest 8-inch Bowl; $300.00; 24 bids   





JA15-LP_PANSY-10.jpg JA15-FLAME_CREST-10.jpg




Keeping Your Eyes Open...

By John Walk

In May, on Mother's Day weekend, Nancy and George Fenton, plus John Walk were at Fenton's Collectibles in Republic, Mo.  Wild and crazy ideas were thought up, one being to have George and Dave make a piece of glass.  Read all about this venture in this issue of the Flyer!  



JA15-George_7-11.jpg JA15-GEO-6-11.jpg

JA14_Hammer.jpg   Auctions!!!




Clockwise:  Blackberry Spray hat-shaped vase; Sailboats #1774 goblet with Blackberry interior; G-135 font-shaped lamp in Stiegel Blue Opalescent Satin Rib Optic with Milk Glass base; Blue Satin Dot Optic lamp; Horse Medallion #1665 three-footed bowl made circa 1915; and Diamond Optic #1635 tumblers in Amberina.  For more information please see the "Fenton Classics" article in the Flyer.




JA15-bluesatinlamp-12.jpg JA15-Blue_swirl_lamp-12.jpg

The Fenton Barometer-- Still Sunny for Buyers, Cloudy for Sellers

By Doug McIntosh

Right:  Willow Green Opalescent four-horn epergne; $417.55; 2 bidders

Below left:  #9202 Burmese Roses GWTW lamp, $430.00; 2 bidders

Below right:  24-inch #9101 Ruby Poppy Gone-with-the-Wind; $349.00; one bidder

Center left:  OOAK 'Exotic Natural Leopard' 5165 cat; $810.00; five bidders

Center right:  'Tiger Cub'; 5119 crouching kitten; OOAK, $811.18; six bidders

Bottom left:  7-1/2 inch Blue Carnival Parkersburg Elks plate; $961.55; thirteen bidders

Bottom right:  #5243 kitten with a OOAK floral decoration; $949.99; four bidders

JA15-Burmese_Lamp-13.jpg JA15-_Ruby_GWTW_-13.jpg




Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore

Right: Westmoreland Glass Co. Winged Cream,Amber etched

Below left:  Fostoria Heirloom Pattern Ruby Pitcher, made in the 1960s

Below right:  Koscherak Brothers Antique Reproduction Ewer

If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember the late Tom smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"


JA15-_Ruby_Heirloom_Pitcher-15.jpg JA15-AA_Pitcher_like_Phoenix.jpg



Memory Album from Past NFGS Conventions

Join Us This Year to Make Your Own Memories


JA15-Scrapbook_6.jpg JA15-Scrapbook_3.jpg

Row 1: Glass ID Panel - Max blackmore, Pam Dick, Nancy Fenton, Dave Fetty, and Robert Barber

Row 2: Bead Artists Truda and Jena; Jon Saffell and Howard Seufer discuss moulds

Row 3: John Weisher of Island Mould & Machine

Row 4: Sandcarving experts - Dave Rawson & Chris Carpenter

Rows 5 & 6 - Table displays and review; John Walk, George Fenton, and Jim Measell 




JA15-Scrapbook_2.jpg JA15-Scrapbook_1.jpg


JA14_Valley_Gem_Logo.gifJA15-Scrapbook_13.jpg JA15-Scrapbook_12.jpg

It's Our Silver Anniversary!!!

2015 NFGS Convention

July 25, 26, 27

Celebrating 25 Years

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun


Fenton Archaeology -- Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild

By Anne Blackmore 

Below top:  #183 7-inch Satin-Etched Wild Rose Vase; only a few known; seen at a Midwest show

Below center:  Jade Tri-Crimp Bowl, 9-inch diameter; "three-in-one" crimp

Bottom:  Cameo Opalescent #1532 Dolphin Handled Covered Candy; produced in 1927

Below top:  Chinese Yellow nymph, Frog, Lotus Bowl, & Candlesticks; also called "Jade Yellow"

Below center: Black Georgian #1611 Decanter Set; also called "Agua Caliente"

Bottom:  Lilac Big Cookies Macaroon Jar; produced briefly in 1933




JA15-Cameo_Cov_Candy-24.jpg JA15-Lilac_Big_Cookies_Jar.jpg


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 22 - 24, 2015


Make plans now to attend the 25th Annual NFGS Convention July 25, 26, & 27, 2015.

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Banquet Dinner Cruise * Bingo * Glass Displays



Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check, to:                               National Fenton Glass Society P. O. Box 4008                           Marietta, OH  45750