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They're Here--our 2014 NFGS Mice!

Offered in Ruby and Beautiful Autumn Gold

By Sharon Fenner

The NFGS mice for 2014 were pressed at Fenton's Collectibles, Republic, Missouri.  They arrived at the NFGS office the weekend of December 7th, were checked, boxed for shipping, labeled, and mailed shortly thereafter.  They were available at one per member who has renewed their membership for the 2014 membership year.



Fenton to Purchase will Brighten your Day! Fantastic Lavender Mice with a Spring Design

By Sharon Fenner 

At right is our cute Lavender satin mouse with a spring-time lilac and bird design by former fenton designer CC Hardman.  We have 33 of these available for $35 each.

Below is the Fenton Art Glass Carnival Catalog produced in conjunction with the Museum of American Glass in Weston, WV.  Nine mono- graphs are available for $16 (s/h incl.).  Also available are five DVDs of the August 2, 2005 Live QVC broadcast from Williamstown for $11 (s/h incl.).

Below right are Ruby/Milk slag pressed Hippos.  They were made from Fenton cullet at Fenton's Collectibles at Republic, MO.  The picture shows



the range of color - the outside hippos are shiny and the center hippo is satin.  We have 15 shiny hippos and 4 satin hippos available for $80 each.  Each of these items is available at one per household until after April 1, 2015.


Share Your Collection - Set Up A Display!

By Sharon Fenner

One of the best educational opportunities of the Convention viewing the member displays.  Shown are three uniquely different displays - the Favrene (rare color), the assorted pieces (time period), and the dolls (shape/figurines).  Each is beautiful in its own way.  Contact information is on page 3 of The Fenton Flyer.   




Fenton Museum Shuttered                          Gate Closed to Future Study

By Anne Blackmore

It has been very disconcerting knowing the Fenton Museum is closed and a century-long collection of glass will be sold at public auction.  With the superior pieces in the Museum to soon be scattered across the country, and the paper archives to be disposed of in a manner to be determined, there will be nowhere to go to study Fenton Art Glass - the company or the glass.




FYI Convention First-Timers

By Karen Biehl

Check out the article on page 4 of The Fenton Flyer for information great to have prior to attending your first convention.

Convention Headquarters Converting to Quality Inn

By Millie Coty

Comfort Inn will become Quality Inn about May 1st.  Everything will stay the same - only the name will changeFor reservations please call 740-374-8190. 


Critter Corner

Is it Fenton or Not?

By Becki Ann Selby and Neva Wood

There have been many bears listed on eBay as Fenton's 5151 bear.  They can fool even an avid collector until compared directly with a Fenton bear.  At left is a comparison - the multicolor bear is not Fenton, while the one with a Cobalt "shot" is a Fenton special order example.  Below are photos of the "knock-off" bear, back and side views.  The article gives several helpful tips on determining whether you have an authentic Fenton bear or an imposter.

MA14_A-FAKE_FROM_CHINA_373.jpg MA14_B-FAKE_FROM_CHINA_373_-_Copy.jpg

"Just Cuz" it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


There are way too many pieces mis-labeled as Fenton.  Below are three examples:

Right:  Steuben Pink Crested Iridescent Luncheon Plate found in an antique store.

Below left:  McKee "Laurel" Candelstick made between 1934 and 1940.  It was listed on eBay.

Below right:  Westmoreland Mint Green Decorated Bell - this line #754 Cameo bell was found in an antique store.  The tag bears the description of "Fenton".


This is a regular column in The Fenton Flyer.  NFGS members have access to tips and hints for avoiding a disappointing purchase.  Knowing Fenton characteristics  is very important when determining if a piece is Fenton.

If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to accidentally purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!" 



The Cameo Glass Artistry of Kelsey Murphy, an Exhibit Opening at the West Virginia State Museum 

By Millie Coty

Below:  Kelsey Murphy attending the unveiling of this permanent exhibit of  the 55-piece collection of Pilgrim Cameo glass (representing the 55 counties in WV) donated by Drs. Touma.  The museum is located at 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV  25305.  Admission is free!   



Special News for Ghost and Bridesmaid Doll Collectors


Fenton's Collectibles of Republic, MO. has leased several FAGCO moulds including the Bridesmaid, Ghost, Hippo,  and Dinosaur.  They will be producing these figurines in their own colors and multi-color slags.  The pieces will bear the Fenton logo, and they will be sandblasted with the Fenton's Collectibles crown logo to ensure collectors know their provenance.


Keeping Your Eyes Open!

By John Walk

In addition to studying glass, one can find great enjoyment in going through old magazines and ephemera.  Read about John's discovery of the illustration of the luncheon table in July 1953 issue of Woman's Home Companion.  Notice the plates, cups and saucers.  All are crested, but not just any crest, these are Ebony of Black Crest.  



In the Movies

Another collectible is literature pertaining to the Cinema.  Note the Charleton decorated Peach Crest vase sitting on the dresser in the 1944 Lon Chaney Classic "The Mummy's Curse".  It was there for the duration of the movie.

At right is a 1940s ad for Jello.  Note the crest bowl and plate, especially the odd color of the crest.




More Fenton in Old Advertising                   By Anne Blackmore

Many different crests were used, plus a Coin Dot milk pitcher!






Above:  Nile Green Panther bowl, with Butterfly and Berry pattern on the exterior.

Below:  Green Opalescent Waterlily and Cattails whimsy vase made from a berry bowl. 

Above:  Green Opalescent spittoon-shaped whimsy.

Below:  Rose-colored pipe or spoon rest.

MA14watercat_373.jpg MA14_roseblock_373.jpg


Fantastic Post-1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore

Left:  Rare 1988 Fenton Clock Louise Piper Painted Cardinals - eBay Item #: 400635604801 - didn't achieve the seller's Buy it Now price.

Row 2 left:  Emerald Crest #1523 Candlesticks, Pair - found in Williamstown, WV.

Row 2 right:  Silver Crest Vase Murrhina Hat Vase - Jim Ralson - eBay Item #: 271370240814 - sold for $36.55 after 10 bids.

Row 3 left:  Favrene Sunfish figurine - sold at live auction in Ohio to an internet bidder for $115.

Row 3 right:  Rare Vintage 1960s Fenton Art Glass Rose Mist Vasa Murrhina Elephant - eBay Item #: 380810502391 - sold for $170.21 after 14 bids.




MA14_Favrene_Fish_-_Soper_Auct_373.jpg MA14_Vasa_Elephant_373.jpg


Right:  Fenton Apple Blossom Crest Lamp, Hand Painted by Frances Burton - eBay Item                     #:  121257889680 - this lamp didn't meet the seller's minimum bid. 

Below:  Rare Vintage Fenton Ruby Red Hobnail Glass Ewer Wine Set with Stickers, c. 1970 - eBay Item #: 131066128538 - sold for $360.55 after 19 bids.                                                                                  



Time Machine?  Hardly!  Buyers Beware and Be Educated

By Anne Blackmore


The dealer labeled this basket as a piece from the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893, and the basket itself has a painted date on the side of 1893, but it is a Fenton basket.  Fenton didn't begin making glass until 1907.  This Fenton Peach Crest basket was made between 1942 and 1954, approximately 50 years after this event took place.  The booth contained two blue vases of European origin similarily painted.  Buyer beware!


The Fenton Barometer: A Few Bright Spots

By Doug McIntosh

Right:  #549 8-inch Celeste Blue and Topaz candlesticks - $1901.76 - 14 bids

Center left:  Louise Piper OOAK lamp - $1,900 - one bid

Center right:  OOAK Robin Spindler Blue Burmese vase - $1,402.88 - 22 bids

Bottom left:  11-inch 1920s Mosaic vase - $1,882 - 20 bids

Bottom right:  Blue Carnival Soldiers and Sailors Home plate - $1,175.99 - 11 bids 



MA14_Mosaic_Vase_373.jpg MA14_Soldiers_Plate_373.jpg

Make Plans to attend the

24th Annual NFGS Convention

July 26, 27, & 28, 2014

Enjoy a cruise on the Valley Gem!!



Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 23 - 25, 2014


A Blast from the Past - Fenton News from 1985 ..........................Contributed by Millie Coty

Written by Dave Poe, Marietta Times Staff Writer and published in the July 25, 1985 newspaper.  Photos also courtesy of the Marietta Times.


History Found in Old Camera

By Anne Blackmore

Frank M. Fenton, taken by Thomas K. Smith.  Our best guess for when this photo was taken is summer of 2008.


A Day at the Auction - Soper Fenton Auction

By Anne Blackmore

The author breaks down the bidding and applies the 80/20 Rule, which says you will do 80% of your business with 20% of your customers. 





Mould Use Follow-Up

By Anne Blackmore


Following the article in our last issue, members sent two photos showing additional sugar bowls made from the #596 mould.  Note the wonderful cuttings on these examples!!





Fenton Angels and Santa Clauses

By Bruce Bentz

Above:  Fenton ornaments hang from a beam

Right: Trees decorated with Fenton ornaments

Row 2 left:  Display of  Fenton angels

Row 2 right:  Fenton Santas on display

Row 3 left:  #5542 Radiant Angel (and mould), #5533 Guardian Angel

Row 3 right:  #5143 Angel Bell (girl) and 5144 Angel Bell (boy)

Row 4 left:  #5014 Inspirational Angel and #5053 Snow Angel

Row 4 right:  #5042 Gloria Angel, #5034 Child Angel, and #5298 Renaissance or Nativity Angel



MA145542Radiant-5533Guardian-F373.jpg MA14_5143-5144_bells_373.jpg



Left:  The first angels created by designer Tony Rosena.  On the top row is the original shape -      # 5113 boy angel and # 5114 girl angel.  The number for the set is # 5112.  Bottom row left shows the first modification of the mould, and on the right is the set with longer wings; the final mould change.

Below left:  # 5356 Santa holding a stocking (2007), # 5279 Kneeling Santa (1999), # 5249 Santa holding a cat (1998), # 5294 Hugging Santa (2003), and # 5299 Old World Santa (1997).

Below right:  One-of-a-kind Milk/Grey/Black slag and a Cobalt/Milk Iridized example. 




Fenton Archaeology

Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild 

By Anne Blackmore MA14_Pink_Turtle_373.jpg

Left:  #1565 Turtle Aquarium Base

Row 2 left:  "Pair" Stretch #549 Candlesticks

Row 2 right:  #1935 "Franklin" Ruby Decanter Set

Bottom left:  #3020 12-inch Hanging Hearts Early Off-hand Vase

Bottom right:  #16 Spiral Optic Bathroom Bottle with Flower Stopper

MA14_Blue_Yellow_Sticks_373.jpg MA14_Ruby_Decanter_Set_373.jpg
MA14_Hanging_Heart_Vase_373.jpg MA14_Blue_Swirl_Perfume_373.jpg

 Fenton or Northwood?

The mould was originally made by Northwood, but when they closed in 1925, the mould went to the Fenton Art Glass Co.  The photo shows both Fenton and Northwood turtles; but what is the key to identifying which company made which turtle?  The answer is in the Mar./Apr. Flyer.


Make plans now to attend the 24th Annual NFGS Convention July 26, 27, & 28, 2014.

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