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This year we are offering a Crown Tuscan mouse for $29 and an Opal mouse for $25.  The mice were pressed at the Mosser Glass Company.  They are limited to one of each per household (Primary member) for the 2017 membership year, on a first come, first serve basis.  The quantities are limited.

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2017

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is Crown Tuscan which is available for $29.  Next is the Opal mouse available for $25.  Both colors of mice were made at the Mosser Glass Co.

These mice are available to members renewing for the 2017 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis. Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2017 annual mice.



Souvenir for 2017

By Sharon Fenner

Burmese, cute, our final quantity of Burmese mice, designed and hand-painted by CC Hardman.  Choice, one per household while supplies last.  Ltd. to 30 each, at $55.

MJ17-01-owl.jpg MJ17-01-fish.jpg

NFGS Annual Convention Pin

By Ken Stohler

For 2017 we have chosen to feature the Bearylicious Bear, blown by Frank Workman. 


2017 Convention Registration Raffle Exclusives

By Sharon Fenner

Available to all NFGS members are three beautifully done exclusive items.  The lop-ear bunny was designed and hand-painted by Vicki Curren.  The Opal bunny was pressed at Mosser Glass.

The Black pedestal egg with the zebra motif, was a sample egg hand-painted by Susan Bryan.  She entered it in a design contest while employed at the Fenton Art Glass Company.


The Favrene vase has been sand-carved to enhance the design in the mould, then hand-painted with a complimenting sylized peacock feather design by Frances Burton.

The Convention Raffle is open to all NFGS members.  Tickets are $4 each, or 3 for $10.  Please see page 8 in the May/June 2017 Fenton Flyer for details regarding purchasing tickets.  The winning tickets will be drawn following the Banquet, Monday, July 31.  If you aren't in attendance, your item will be shipped to you postage paid, following the Convention.     

MJ17-01-RABBIT.jpg MJ17-08-BUNNY.jpg
MJ17-01-EGG.jpg MJ17-08-EGG.jpg
MJ17-01-VASE.jpg MJ17-08-VASE.jpg

Days Gone By...


Postcards from the Fenton Gift Shop, circa 1963.


Cup Plates

By Cheryl Baker

Left:  Kaleidoscope

Below:  Artist Series

Below right:  Childhood Treasures


MJ17-04-ARTIST.jpg MJ17-04-CHILD_HOOD.jpg

Basketball Blasts from the Fenton Family's past...

(reprinted with permission from the March 10, 2017 Fenton Art Glass Newsletter)


The "Fenton Five" (back row and first on bottom left) pose with some of their teammates after winning an Industrial League Championship game in the Marietta Recreation Department league in the 1970s.


Tales From Kriner's Korner

By Carolyn Kriner

Fenton Cranberry Daisy in Criss Cross optic!



MJ17-06-Ada_Fetty.JPG MJ17-06-Critter_Corner.jpg

Ada Kay Fetty Remembered

By Millie Coty

Ada Kay, 80, wife of David Fetty, mother of Bonnie Douthitt and Belinda Fetty, passed away March 18.  She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Critter Corner

By Becki Ann Selby

Fenton's 5188 Hen Egg plate is 12" long and was first produced in 1953.  The hen top was also used for the 8" Hen-on-Nest, also introduced in 1953.


DeVilbiss Spiral Leaf Perfume Atomizer        

By Judy Parker


This DeVilbiss atomizer, produced in 1949, was not made by Fenton.  The manufacturer remains unknown.  

The pastel colors were applied (fired on), a technique rarely used by Fenton.





MJ17-07-garden_of_eden_LFT.jpg MJ17-07-garden_of_eden_RT.jpg

Only in Williamstown

By Millie Coty

The first Craftsman plate (#9115 CN) The Glassmaker, was only produced in Original Carnival.  Above are samples in Amberina and a Marigold over an opaque pumpkin.

Left: Photo of Frank M. Fenton and Suzy Goodacre, NFGS office secretary, at her retirement party in 2004 from the Fenton Art Glass Company.

Blast from the Past...                             Rethinking "Continuity"                                     By Dr. Jack Tefler

                                                                (reprinted from the Aug/Sept 1993 issue of The Fenton Flyer)MJ17-09_Blast_from_Past.jpg


Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


Below: Pink Hand Vase, Crimped, Cased in Crystal, with rough pontil

Right: Green Crested Vase

Below right:  Pink Vase, cased in Milk Glass, Rough Pontil 


If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember the late Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"







Fenton eBay Top-sellers for February and March--a trend?

By Doug McIntosh

Right: Gift Shop OOAK, Opal sitting cat, $669; 34 bids; 7 bidders

Below left: Aqua Opalescent Carnival 9-inch Dragon and Lotus bowl, $1725; 30 bids; 8 bidders

Below right:  Fenton Gift Shop OOAK, 8-inch Burmese vase, Michelle Kibbe; Cats and Bluebirds; $949; 25 bids; 5 bidders

Row 2 left: Gift Shop Burmese OOAK vase; Michelle Kibbe; Kittens & Butterflies; $735; 29 bids; 4 bidders (2004 Lotus Mist GWTW lamp, Rose Nectar, $735; 5 bids; 2 bidders)

Row 2 right: Chocolate Cameo Murphy/Bomkamp Deer in the Glen lamp, $640; 32 bids; 6 bidders

Row 3 left: Green Carnival 1991 hobnail punch set with 12 cups, $610; 6 bids; 2 bidders

Row 4 left:  8-piece lot of Fenton cathead slippers; $765; 28 bids; 5 bidders

MJ17-10-CARNIVAL.jpg MJ17-10-CAT-BFLY.jpg





27th Annual NFGS Convention

July 29, 30, 31

Quality Inn

Marietta, Ohio


Crockery and Glass

(Clipped from The Crockery and Glass Journal of July and August 1956)


Right:  Five-piece milk glass epergne set in Silver Crest line (7305 SC), retail is $15.

Below left:  Silver Crest milk glass punch bowl with 12 cups and dipper, to ret. at $30.

Below right:  Banana bowl in the petticoat Glass line, which features a crimped rim of clear glass. $6, retail.

MJ17-15-PUNCH.jpg MJ17-15-BANANA.jpg




Above right:  Grecian Gold example of properly finished base, with Crysta #249 base with Fenton museum numbers

Right:  Crystal #249 candlestick

Below left:  Fenton Blue 8.75" ruffled bowl which has been called Absentee Grape and Lotus

Below right:  Very early Waterlily  and Cattail centerpiece footed bowl in Crystal

Below row 2 left: Crystal Satin-etched oddity: a Pineapple pattern #2000A crimped flat bonbon with souvenir lettering; Board of Bishops Marietta, O. 1938

Bottom right:  Fenton Royal Blue iridized rarity: a Stretch glass #449 candlestick

MJ17-16-BOWL.jpg MJ17-16-FTD_BOWL.JPG





Happy Mother's Day

Happy Father's Day


2017 NFGS Convention

July 29, 30, & 31

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Auctions Banquet * Bingo * Glass Displays Consignment Auction * Dinner Cruise


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 26 - 28, 2017

Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check, to:                             National Fenton Glass Society   P. O. Box 4008                           Marietta, OH  45750