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They're Here--our 2014 NFGS Mice!

Offered in Ruby and Beautiful Autumn Gold

By Sharon Fenner

The NFGS mice for 2014 were pressed at Fenton's Collectibles, Republic, Missouri.  They arrived at the NFGS office the weekend of December 7th, were checked, boxed for shipping, labeled, and mailed shortly thereafter.  They are available at one per member to those who have renewed their membership for the 2014 membership year.  Very few remain. 



Great News...Prices Reduced on Hippos

By Sharon Fenner 

At right are Ruby/Milk slag pressed Hippos.  They were made from Fenton cullet at Fenton's Collectibles at Republic, MO.  The picture shows the range of color - the outside hippos are shiny and the center hippo is satin.  We have 10 shiny hippos and 1 satin hippo available for $60 each.



NFGS Annual Convention Raffle

By Sharon Fenner 

We have two great one-of-a-kind items in our 2014 raffle.  First, is a Fairy Tale Doll designed and hand-painted by award-winning Fenton artist Robin Spindler.  The Milk Glass doll is wearing a deep pink hooded cape and she is carrying a bouquet of flowers created with pink crystals.  She is very unique!!!

Next, is a Ruby Amberina Satin Working Elephant hand-painted by Fenton designer Michelle Kibbe.  This beautiful pachyderm is adorned with a floral and scroll design, enhanced with beads.

Tickets are available to NFGS members only for $4 each, or 3 for $10.  Tickets can be purchased in any amount,  for either item, as specified.  Please fill out the appropriate area on the registration form and mail it, along with your check, to the NFGS office.  The drawing will be held following the NFGS Banquet on Monday, July 28th.  You need not be present to win.  If the winner is absent, the raffle item will be shipped following the convention.


Adorable Convention Souvenir!

By Sharon Fenner

This cute little 5151 Crystal Satin Bear was designed and hand-painted by Fenton artist Kim Barley.  First, she air-brushed the little bear a soft brown color, then she "dressed" him in overalls and a T-shirt and placed a hat on his head.  He  

can use it to swat the bees!  Note the cute little NFGS mouse peeking over the top of the basket.  The attention to detail is awesome!  This will undoubtedly be our final "completely" Fenton convention souvenir.  Don't miss out - place your order early.  They are available at one per household for $49 each.  Refer to The Fenton Flyer for pick-up or shipping information.        






2014 Convention Pin

By Sharon Fenner

The2014 Convention Pin commemorates the many great times we have had on the Valley Gem Sternwheeler.  The pin is a 1.5-inch round - a plate was photographed.  As soon as a pin is available, we will photograph it and post the picture.  Please place your order by marking the appropriate lines on the registration form, and mailing your check to the NFGS office.


Some Big Shoes to Fill!

By Tony Burgess

One of the best educational opportunities of the Convention is viewing the member's displays.  The NFGS doesn't have an annual "theme" or any guidelines regarding information shared.  Whether you choose a color, shape, or any  glass to showcase, each is beautiful in its own way.  Tony's contact information is on page 11 of The Fenton Flyer.   



Edward Lehew Passed Away

By Anne Blackmore

Edward R. Lehew, 90, of Washingon, WV, passed away March 11, 2014.  Fenton collectors know  Ed and Shirley Lehew as the founders and owners of the Williamstown Antique Mall.  This multi-dealer antique shop became a favorite destination for Fenton Art Glass Collectors.  The Lehews turned over ownership and operation of the mall in the spring of 2000.  He is survived by his wife, Shirley; his son Christian; and many family members and friends.





Valley Gem Dinner Cruise Excursion

By Millie Coty


Read all about the dinner cruise planned for the 2014 convention.  We will have a Muskingum River tour, passing through Lock and Dam #2.    




More Convention Information....

By Karen Biehl and Millie Coty

Right:  Marietta Named a "Best Small Town" - one of 20 in the USA!  A great place to visit!!  

Bottom left:  Check out the Glass Show at the Williamstown Elementary School 7/24 - 7/29

Bottom right: Bingo! Fun for members of all ages 

Auctions:  Consignment (open to all collectors)  Whimsey Auctions for NFGS members only 


First Timers Dinner will be at Shoney's, Saturday evening, July 26th.  Enjoy the Steak and Seafood Buffet before the evening activities.

MJ14_Wmtwn_School.jpg MJ14_Bingo.jpg

"Just Cuz" it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore

There are way too many pieces mis-labeled as Fenton.  Below are three examples:

Right:  "Sunflower" Pattern Cake Plate, by Jeanette Glass Co.  Made in the 1930s.

Below left:  Westmoreland "Doric" Pattern Comport, with close-up of label.

Below right:  Indiana Glass Carnival Canister.


MJ14_Westmore.jpgMJ14_Westmore_Comp.jpg MJ14_Ind_Canister.jpg

This is a regular column in The Fenton Flyer.  NFGS members have access to tips and hints for avoiding a disappointing purchase.  Knowing Fenton characteristics  is very important when determining if a piece is Fenton.

If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to accidentally purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"


Experiment Produces Fenton Gem

By Doug McIntosh

Note the difference in these two Crystal Crest vases.  The vase on the right has the standard two crests, but the vase on the left has an extraordinary four crests!  In mid-1941 Crystal Crest was introduced, but was dropped from the line by mid-1942.  Crystal Crest proved difficult to make, as the outer crests broke off easily.




Keeping Your Eyes Open - A History of Fenton Crests

By John Walk

Right:  Peach Crest - introduced in 1940            Row 2 left:  Blue Ridge - first crest - 1938         Row 2 right:  Silver Turquoise - mid-1950s            Row 3 left:  Aqua Crest - introduced 1941 - Cruet  Row 3 rt:  Aqua Crest (deep blue) 1963 - Basket Bottom left:  Butterflies on Silver Crest - late '60s  Bottom right:  Violets in the Snow on Silver Crest - late 1960s

This is just a sampling of the many crest colrs produced by the Fenton Art Glass Company.


MJ14_crest3a.jpg MJ14_crest4a.jpg
MJ14_crest4b.jpg MJ14_crest3b.jpg



Emerald Crest Candlesticks!                      By Anne Blackmore

The pair of #1523 Emerald Crest candlesticks are very rare, and more so with the Charleton decoration.  This is a lovely collection of Emerald Crest!




Left:  #1536 6-inch comport in Ebony with a gold-toned decoration of grapes, pears, and apples or quince on the rim.  

Below:  #1672 Jade console set


MJ14_Jade_Cons.jpg MJ14_DecComport.jpg

MJ14_P-D_VASE.jpgAbove:  Waterlily and Cattails French Opalescent whimsy vase and a Amethyst Opalescent small berry bowl.

MJ14_Jade_Ming.jpgAbove left:  #1672 Jade candlestick
Above right:  #349 Ball-handled candlestick

MJ14_Flame_Jar.jpgAbove:  #736 one-pound covered candy in Flame

Right:  #249 6.5-inch candlestick from the Venetian Red/Mandarin Red/Flame family.







A Rare Piece of Crested Ware?  No!  Buyers Beware!!           By Anne Blackmore

Left top:  National Insulator Association logo 

Left bottom:  Four pieces of French Opalescent - the sugar and creamer have been exposed to the sun over a long period of time and have purpled naturally.

Row 2 left:  Irradiated Silver Crest luncheon plate

Row 2 right:  Back of plate - note translucency

Row 3 left:  Fenton Wrisley perfume bottle that has likely been irradiated - no opalescence

Row 3 right:  Genuine purple opalescent Fenton Wrisley bottle - note opalescence on top & hobs

Row 4 left:  Lalique "Rampillons" vase now thought to be an irradiated "fake"

Row 4 right - Lalique "Serpent" vase - irradiated

Read all about irradiated glass in the May/June 2014 issue of The Fenton Flyer.   




MJ14_Purple_Wrisley_FAKE.jpg MJ14_F_W_L_Purple_Bottle.jpg




New Spottings

By Millie Coty

Found in a Strasburg, OH antique mall were the #8258 Love Birds vase and the #8453 Lily-of-the- Valley Rose bowl; stained in a brighter green.  The Nativity Bell is done in Antique Green.  Below are the original price stickers.

MJ14_Nat_Bell.jpg MJ14_Price_Tags.jpg

"Almost Fenton"--Should We Collect It?

By Doug McIntosh

An avid Fenton collector shares his thoughts regarding purchasing "Almost Fenton".

Right:  Four pieces created by Fenton's Collectibles of Republic, MO, using Fenton Art Glass moulds and cullet.


Other "Violets in the Snow"

By Richard Karman

Right: Close-up of the design - note the gold stars

Below: #3937 Milk Glass Hobnail Handled Bonbon

Row 2 left:  #573 8-inch Fan Vase 

Row 2 right:  #3735 5.5-inch fine crimp Milk Glass Hobnail Basket



MJ14_VITS_FAN.jpg MJ14_VITS.jpg

Below left:  design on a Silver Crest Plate

Right:  #711 Beaded Melon Powder Jar and 6-inch Perfume



Make Plans to attend the

24th Annual NFGS Convention

July 26, 27, & 28, 2014


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 23 - 25, 2014

Hobnail Perfume Box Found

By Anne Blackmore

Found in the upper Midwest by an NFGS member, a surviving Wrisley box.



Memories of Frank Fenton Shared Through Old Photos

By Anne Blackmore

Below is a photo of Frank Fenton and Gordon Phifer. 

At right is a picture of Mr. Fenton looking at a Display Table of Cranberry Opalescent pieces.

The pictures were taken in 1996.


MJ14_Phifer_Frank_2.jpg MJ14_Phifer_FRANK.jpg

The Fenton Barometer:  Still Mostly Cloudy

By Doug McIntosh

Right top:  Pair of Velvatone candlesticks, 1937-1938, $2,025 from 6 bids

Right:  Amethyst Carnival Thistle footed  bowl, $780 from 82 bids

Below:  12-inch Indigo Blue/Milk Glass Kelsey Murphy cameo vase, $1,575 from 2 bids

Below right:  OOAK Black Satin Chessie Box, hp by CC Hardman, $1,009.99 from 25 bids

Bottom left:  OOAK Burmese Bridesmaid Doll w/matching Bead by Kim Barley, $809.96, 14 bids

Bottom right:  1994 Aladdin Grand Vertique Twilight Blue overlay lamp, $788.88 from 35 bids





MJ14_DOLL.jpg MJ14_GV_LAMP.jpg


Fantastic Post-1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore


Right:  Rare French Opalescent Wide Rib Optic Footed Ivy Ball, $335.37 from 13 bids

Below:  Milk Glass Spanish Lace Salt & Pepper Shakers, Colonial Green Crests, $60 from 22 bids

Fenton 1985 Artisan Series Masterworks Collection Vase, Sold - Best Offer

Below right:  Red and White Shiny Slag Alley Cat Made for Levay, 9 Signatures, $699 from 1 bid

Bottom left:  Fenton Burmese Hobnail 11-inch Vase, did not sell

Bottom right:  Fenton Carnival Poppy Show Vase, $476 from 65 bids




MJ14_BurmHob.jpg MJ14_Poppy_Show_Vase.jpg


Fenton Archaeology -- Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild

By Anne Blackmore


Right:  #649 Chinese Yellow Candlestick, in a private collection

Below:  Set of Two #680 Jade Snowcrest Dessert Bowls, $88.99 from 29 bids, and right:  Red Orange Tree Mug (Non-Carnival), did not sell

Row 2:  #556 Cigarette Holders - Cameo Opalescent sold for $284.99 from 4 bids,  and Jade sold for $188.08 from 4 bids

Row 3:  Very Rare Velvatone Viking Pattern Candlesticks (pr) sold for $2,025 from 6 bids.  The bowl is in a private collection.

Row 4:  Tangerine Stretch #10 Covered Candy, did not sell and the #3026 Fenton Karnak Red 9-inch Footed Bowl sold for $3,176.76 from 5 bids

Bottom row:  Pekin Blue #1608 10-inch Double Dolphin Large Comport, in a private collection  #1618 Orchid Elephant Flower Bowl/Planter, also in a private collection  



 MJ14_Cameo_Opal_Cigarette.jpg MJ14_Jade_Cig.jpg


MJ14_Tangerine_Stretch.jpg MJ14_Karnak_Red.jpg
MJ14_Pekin_COMP.jpg MJ14_Orch_Eleph.jpg

Collector's Corner - John Newman: Through the Looking Glass

By Rita Christopher, staff writer, The Day, Connecticut Transcribed by Millie Coty

John Newman doesn't live in a glass house, he lives in a house full of glass.  He is a long-time active NFGS member and collector. 

The Orange Slice Hanging Heart vase was made while working with Dave Fetty three years ago.  The multi-color pitcher was made with the assistance of Frank Workman. A pair of Brave Heart vases flank the Consolidated lamp.  On the left is a Beaumont Jade vase on a Fer-Lux base.


Our Turtle Tale

By Gordon and Sue Phifer

The Phifers began collecting Fenton in 1993.  Their collection of turtles includes 18 made by Northwood (Jade Blue) and 9 made by Fenton (Mandarin Red).  

Fenton colors - Crystal, Rose, Topaz, Celest Blue, Green, Orchid, Jade and TangerineMJ14_Turtles.jpg

Northwood colors - Crystal, Vaseline, Blue, Jade, Russet, Custard, Chinese Coral and Jade BlueMJ14_BLue_Turtle.jpg


Make plans now to attend the 24th Annual NFGS Convention July 26, 27, & 28, 2014.

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