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Fantastic NFGS Glass For Your Holiday Shopping..... Snowmen by Dave Fetty, Mice, Pendants, and Posters

By Sharon Fenner

Right:  Impression Bead w/Snowman design hand-painted by Truda Mendenhall - $75 (S/H incl.) Below: Dave Fetty Scenic Snowman (left) or Whimsical Snowman (right) - $99                "Patches" Poster - $12 (S/H incl.)                Pendants - One-Of-A-Kind hand-painted by Martha Reynolds - $33 (S/H incl.)  Order by phoning the NFGS office with the number of your choice.   










Exclusive NFGS Glass for 2013

These items were first offered during the 2013 convention. 

The Burmese Red Poll vase and unadorned Grey mouse are SOLD OUT.


Visit the Fenton Exclusives page for individual pictures, descriptions, prices and ordering information.  Quantities are very limited.  

GFS_-_Egg_Cat.jpg Sharon_Glass_2013_Icebergs.jpg



A Progressive Set

By Millie Coty

Members of the 2012-13 NFGS Board of Directors  donated the funds to purchase this Cranberry Opalescent Spiral Optic C0#1389 9 1/2 inch vase manufactured for QVC in 2003.  It is on display at the NFGS office in Marietta, OH.                                               ND13Progressive_Set.jpg

Elegant Glass:  Early, Depression, and  Beyond, Revised & Expanded 4th Edition, by Debbie and Randy Coe

Book Review By Millie Coty            ND13coe_book373.jpg




The American Christmas Tree Ornament

Contributed by Millie Coty

From the 1993 Fenton Christmas Catalog is a 'Christmas Tree' ornament.  They were offered in Golden Glow, Holiday Green, and Ruby with ice, plus Crystal Iridescent Satin.   




"Just Cuz" it Says Fenton

"Know your Fenton shapes!"

By Anne Blackmore

There are way too many pieces mis-labeled as Fenton out there.  Here are some more examples.

Right: Fostoria Juice Glasses Listed as #1639 Elizabeth Line - Fenton didn't use Crystal in the goblet part of their line, only occasionally in the foot.

Below left:  Anchor Hocking Pink Frosted Candleholder - originally a Lancaster Glass Co. mould, this candleholder and flower frog combination was acquired by Anchor Hocking.

Below right:  Jadeite Punch Bowl and Matching Ladle - most likely a recent import from France or other European country.

This is a regular column in The Fenton Flyer.  NFGS members have access to tips and hints for avoiding a disappointing purchase.  Knowing Fenton characteristics  is very important when determining if a piece is Fenton.



ND13Hocking_Pink_Candle-373.jpg ND13Jadite_Punch_Bowl373.jpg



eBay Finds

By Ckris Cord


Right:  Fenton Scarce Blue Opalescent Hobnail Covered Jar - $178.75 - 18 bids

Center left:  Fenton Scarce Blue Opalescent Hobnail13-inch Basket - $169.06 - 29 bids

Center right:  Vintage Fenton Art Glass Cranberry Opalescent Swirl 6 1/2-inch Basket - 1930s - $59.95 - 0 bids

Bottom left:  Very Rare Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail Covered Urn - $127.50 - 9 bids


Bottom right:  Fenton Rare Jonquil Yellow Hobnail Candy Box/Jar, Ware #3886 - $170.74 -      1 bid








JF13fentonclassics3.JPGRight:  Sapphire Blue Opalescent Basketweave Open Edge Plate 

Below left:  #545 Cupped Lily Bowls in Chinese Yellow and Mandarin/Venetian Red                   Ruffled Blackberry Spray Hat in Lime

Below right:  Satin Dual-etched #183 7-inch vase, body - No. 43 Poinsettia etch and the bottom is etched with the Ming pattern







In and Around Williamstown


#6437 Autumn Vasa Murrhina 11-inch basket cased in Amber instead of Crystal.  Note the Amber handle instead of Crystal.

Keeping Your Eyes Open

By John Walk

#1502 Jade Powder Box - never documented in this shape!  Found in West Virginia.






Off-eBay Finds

By Ckris Cord


Left:  Orange Slice vase made by Dave Fetty, limited to 250

Below:  Dave Fetty special order off-hand  fish

Below left:  Fenton Mulberry Amphora Vase, Mystical Bird  design, from the 1999 Connoisseur Collection, limited edition of 1,250



Below:  Fenton Daisy and Fern Pitchers - Cranberry and Topaz Opalescent made for L. G. Wright.  Note the straight petals.

Bottom:  Fenton Plum Opalescent Hobnail Ice Lip Pitcher and Glasses, made for Levay

ND13Daisy__Fern_Cran-Topaz_Pitchers.jpg   ND13plum_pitcher-glasses.jpg




Red Stretch Punch Cups Available for Purchase

By Tim Cantrell, Vice President, The Stretch Glass Society

Left:  Red Punch Cup

Right:  Amberina Punch Cup

ND13Red_Punch_Cup_1.jpg ND13Red_Punch_Cup_2.jpg




Make Plans to attend the

24th Annual NFGS Convention

July 26, 27, & 28, 2014

Enjoy a cruise on the Valley Gem!!




Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 23 - 25, 2014




The Fenton Barometer:  Prices continue  to drop

By Doug McIntosh



Above:  Ruby Slag Thumbprint Epergne - $601.10 - 60 bids  

Above:  OOAK Orange Slice Satin 5278 ghost figurine by Kim Barley - $712 - 33 bids

Below:  LG Wright 4-horn Topaz epergne - $500 - 33 bids


Below:  Opal 'Down by the Station' student lamp - $639.83 - 6 bids





A Day at the Auction in Greentown...the Moral of the Story



On Saturday, October 5, 2013, there was an auction of glass manufactured by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company, which operated in Greentown, Indiana.  The proceeds benefited the Greentown Glass Museum.

Below:  Grouping of  auction items

Right:  Examples of Chocolate glass, a color developed and perfected by Jacob Rosenthal, who arrived at Greentown in September 1900.  Mr. Rosenthal later worked at the Fenton Art Glass Company, which resulted in Fenton's Chocolate glass.                             ND13Greentown-GROUP-373.jpg


Below:  A Crystal pitcher produced by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company in Greentown, Indiana.





Musings and Thoughts of a Researcher and Author....

By John Walk


Fifteen years have passed since the release of The Big Book of Fenton Glass 1940-1970.  At this time collectors had just discovered eBay.  At this time, some of the books available were William Heacock's First, Second, and Third 25 Years.  Also available was James Measell's 80's Decade and the Whitmeyer book covering 1905-40.  At this time, included in the libraries of many collectors are Fenton Glass Compendium 1940-1970 and Fenton Glass Compendium 1970-1985.     








When It Rains, It Pours


The Black #992 Basketweave Lace Edge, four-footed vase Fenton was made for Woolworth Company in the mid-1930s.  Shown below is the classic style (left) with the lace straight up with a slight ruffle.  On the right is an unusual example with the top crimped in.                                                       ND13Black_Vases373.jpg

Second Annual Convention 50/50 Drawing                                                                                   By Millie CotyND1350-50_drawing-373.jpg

The NFGS Board chose the Williamstown Welfare League as the recipient of the 2013 drawing.  A check for $346 was presented to Mary Jo Kinney  by NFGS Secretary, Suzy Goodacre.




Fenton Archaeology

Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line and in the Wild

Right:  #1565 Crystal Turtle Aquarium Base - sold on eBay for $158

Below:  Pekin Bowl with Otto Gertler Dragon Decoration - sold on eBay for $650


Row 2 right:  Crystal Satin Waterlily and Cattails Tri-crimp Bowl - a find in the wild                                                                                                                             Left bottom:  Velva Rose #649 10-inch Candlestick - a find in the wild

Right bottom:  Child-size Lemonade Pitcher - a find in the wild   

Red Stretch Punch Bowl and Base - $750 - sold at auction 








Make plans now to attend the 24th Annual NFGS Convention July 26, 27, & 28, 2014.

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