November - December 2021


This page is designed to complement The Fenton Flyer.  We hope the members of the NFGS like viewing the photos, and the visitors to the NFGS website enjoy them and are curious to learn more about the articles they represent.  To learn more about the NFGS, or to join, please visit the Membership page by clicking on the title in the panel on the left or on the bottom of this page.


Shipping & Insurance: 

The NFGS uses the USPS published rates.  Insurance on the package will be the responsibility of the member if the cost of the item(s) is over the initial $50.00 allowable amount included in Priority Mail. This means that a member will pay postage in accordance with their zip code, the size, the weight, and the value of the boxed item(s).  

Our office secretary will contact you regarding the actual charges.  Sales tax will be added to orders shipped to Ohio residents.

Our Annual Membership Mice for 2022

For 2022, we are offering two mice: Georgia Blue Carnival ($32) - a beautiful opaque medium blue / grey, and Marble ($30), a grey / beige. 

Primary Members who are current on their 2022 dues may order one each of the mice, per household. The colors are limited. 

ND21-GA_BLU_MOUSE_-_374.jpeg ND21-MARBLE_MEM_MOUSE_-_374.jpeg

For 2021, we offered two mice in Dandelion Yellow Carnival ($33) - a very bright opaque yellow, and Green Opalescent Iridized. The Green Opalescent Iridized mouse has sold out.  We are substituting Ruby Slag Iridized ($33) or Orange Slice Satin ($25).

Primary Members who are current on their 2021 dues may order their choice of two of the mice, per household. All colors are quite limited. 

 MA21-Dandelion_mouse_-_374.jpeg  MA21-Ruby-Milk-Irid_mouse-374.JPG  MA21-OS_SATIN_mouse-16_-_374.jpg


Another Trip Around the Sun - Dues for 2022 are Due!


Introducing our 2022 Membership mice in two new and exciting colors - made at Mosser Glass in Georgia Blue Carnival and Marble. The Georgia Blue Carnival mouse is $32.00, and the Marble mouse is $30. 

Members may order the mice, one of each color per Primary Member/household once their dues for 2022 are current. There is a Renewal form included with this issue of the Flyer. Or you may renew on our Membership page using the PayPal option.



Update on the 'Eagle' Vases

By Sharon Fenner

Thank you to each of you who placed orders for our 'Eagle' vase. A total of 33 vases will be shipped as soon as Frances Burton has them completed. We hoppe everyone will be able to enjoy your vase during the Holiday season!





The Final Hurrah for 2021

By Sharon Fenner

The Georgia Blue mouse and Opal Polar Bear were made at the Mosser Glass Company.

Frances Burton has embellished this adorable little Georgia Blue Satin mouse with a 'Snowflake' design. Ready to ward off the cold and snow by wearing his warm scarf and mittens, he can be yours for $75 beginning November 9. Limited to one per Primary Member/household until November 23.


CC Hardman has adorned our Opal Polar Bear with a tangle of holiday lights. You may add it to add to your 'String of Lights' collection for $75  beginning November 9. Limited to one per Primary Member/household until November 23.







Our Tribute to Jim Wingrove

By Millie Coty

James Edward Wingrove, 77, Waverly, WV passed away September 4, 2021. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Sharon, and children, Jason, Tammy, and Samantha, and his grandchildren.

Samantha was our NFGS Secretary/Office Manager for over two years. 

Jim held membership #6177, and was a Board member for 2 years. 

He will be greatly missed.


A Loss to the Glass-Collecting Community

By Sharon Fenner

Charles G. Lotton, 85, of St. John, formerly of Crete, IL, passed away September 17, 2021. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Mary, sons David, Daniel, and John, daughter Rachel, 13 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. 

In November of 1970 he started what would become a 51-year career in the world of glass blowing and would become a world-renowned artist with examples in all the major museums.

Pictured are some of his creations.

ND21-4-Lotton_VASE.jpg ND21-4-Charles_Lotton.jpg
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Right: Celeste Blue Orange Tree bowl, ice cream shape, with Bearded Berry exterior. One of two known, sold for $9000.00!

Below: #643 covered bonbon in Tangerine stretch glass. The pumpkin spice of Fenton!

Below right: #950 cornucopia candlestick in the Wild Rose satin etch.

Bottom left: Wistaria punch set, 12.5 flared punch bowl, underplate, and cups. Circa 1938.

Bottom right: #950 cornucopia candlesticks in Amber ming. Any piece of Amber satin etched should be considered rare.

ND21-9-Wistaria_punch_set.jpg ND21-9-_Amber_Ming_950.jpg
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August/September on eBay: Plum Opalescent and More

By Doug McIntosh

  Right: Murphy/Bomkamp cameo piece, an 8.75-inch Ruby-Cased 'Patriotic' vase, sold in a Buy-it-Now sale; $999.00

Below left: 11-inch No. 3008 pale green with Maroon Hanging Hearts vase offered for $2700.00. Seller accepted a lesser amount.

Belo right: Ruby Iridized Regal Iris lamp with pear-shaped base, 1 bid; 1 bidder; $2500.00.

Below left, row 2: Plum Opalescent Logo Dealer Sign; circa. 1994; sold for $1200.00.

Below right, row 2: grouping of 6 beaded melon vases; 1 bid; 1 bidder; $1140.00

Boittom left: Threaded Mosaic 7.5-inch vase offered by a dealer in South Austrailia for $1875.00. The seller accepted a lower price.

Bottom right: Plum Opalescent Scottie Dog offered for $1200.00. Sold for less in a Best-Offer-Accepted sale.






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NFGS Exclusive 'Patches' Design Mouse


Happy Thanksgiving

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