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 Virginia Sample Estate Glass Auction

The estate glass sale of charter member (#49) Virginia Sample will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018, at 10am.  It will be held at the Quality Inn Ballroom (700 Pike Street, Marietta, OH 45750) with Mike Voshel as auctioneer.  There are over 300 lots.  Pictures will be downloaded onto www.auctionzip.com after the Labor Day weekend.  Use zip code 26187 or auctioneer ID #2732.


Mike Voshel is a licensed auctioneer through the state of Ohio.  The NFGS is not licensed to conduct auctions in the state of Ohio. 

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This year we are offering an Iridized Eggplant  mouse (pressed at Mosser Glass) for $29 and a Cobalt/MilkSlag (made at Fenton Collectible's)  mouse for $29.  They are limited to one of each per household (Primary member) for the 2018 

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2018

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is Iridized Eggplant which is available for $29.  Next is the Ruby-Opal Slag mouse available for $29.  Both colors of mice were made at the Mosser Glass Co.  These mice are available to members renewing for the 2018 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis. Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2018 annual mice.



The Ruby-Opal Slag mouse has sold out. 

We are substituting Cobalt/Milk slag for the balance of the year. The Cobalt/Milk mice were pressed at Fenton Collectible's and originally offered as 2015 membership mice. As the photos show there is quite a difference in color. Each is a one-of-a-kind!


Convention 2018 Exclusive Glass Available

By Sharon Fenner

Some of the items have Sold Out.  Please check the NFGS Glass Exclusives page for details and prices. All items are subject to prior sale.  

The Pink and Green 5151 Bear was blown by Dave Fetty, as was the 'Lavender' Fish vase.  We are very fortunate to be able to offer glass by Fenton Mastercraftsman David Fetty!






Tales from Kriner's Korner

By Carolyn Kriner

This one-of-a-kind LG Wright one-of-a-kind sample Cranberry Opalescent Daisy and Fern hat measures 7.5 inches tall, 10.5 inches across the brim, and 16 inches around.  

You can read the back story in the September/October 2018 issue of The Flyer.



The Miller's Give Back

By Millie Coty

This year the winner of the NFGS 50/50 Charity Drawing was Fred Miller, who donated his winnings back to the beneficiary - Stacy William's 5 year-old daughter Jesse, who is fighting leukemia. 


A One-of-a-Kind Donation

By Sharon Fenner

Jason Shankland hand-painted this beautiful one-of-a-kind Happiness Bird on a font. He donated it to NFGS President Les Rowe during the Monday evening Banquet.  It now roosts in the window of the National Fenton Glass Society for all to enjoy. 


Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore

Below top: New Martinsville #34 Addie Jade Sherbets - tells are the 'umbrella points' on the sherbets, and New Martinsville Jade glows under black light.

Left bottom: Decorated Vase from Regent Line by Consolidated - tells are the shape and very large bumps around the center, plus the violets are both blue and purple.

Below: Westmoreland #1902 Green Marble Bud Vase - this is a distinct  Westmoreland color combination, and the vase is very plain.

If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember the late Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"SO18-13-_Sherbets.jpg



Meet Your New Consignment Auction Chair 

By Millie Coty

Tim Starcher has consented to work on the 2019 Consignment Auction.  His contact information is in The Flyer.


New Feature:  Fenton Mysteries!

By Doug McIntosh

Read all about the opportunity to have your 'mystery glass' identified.



Ed Tell Award Recipients for 2018

By Millie Coty

Our 2018 honored recipients were Carolyn Kriner and Nancy and George Fenton, all of whom are most deserving.  

SO18-8-CKriner.jpg SO18-8-FENTONS.jpg

Convention Highlights

By Debra Ekart

Debra Ekart shares with our readers some of her favorite convention experiences.  From seeing old friends, to meeting new ones, her time went by too quickly.  She did have the opportunity to add several 'treasures' to her collection. Imagine the thrill of finding a 'Sample' tag on the bell she already was happy to have added to her collection! 

SO18-9-OWL.jpg SO18-9-BELL.jpg

2018 Convention Table Displays

Thank you to all who shared their collections with the convention attendees!






2018 Convention Revisited

By Ellen Stohler

Pictured are several of the participants of Meet and Greet seminar facilitated by Michael Dickinson.

At right and below is Michael Dickinson.  With Michael is Linda Fleming (front) and Frances Burton (back).  Below, right, is Kim Barley sporting her 'Elvis 40' shirt!


SO18-13_M.DickInson_F__Burton_L_F.jpg SO18-13-Kim_Barley.jpg

2018 Charity Drawing Results

By Millie Coty

Each year the NFGS has a 50/50 raffle, usually to benefit a Williamstown non-profit organization. This year is an exception, as our 50/50 Drawing was dedicated to an individual rather than an organization.  Our total of $636.00 went to help the family of Jesse Enoch, five-year old daughter of Former Fenton Decorator and Designer Stacy Williams Enoch.  In late May, Jesse was diagnosed with leukemia.  

The pictures speak for themselves. We wish Jesse a complete and speedy recovery.


SO18-14-JESSE2.jpg SO18-14-JESSE.jpg

Consignment Auction 2018 Summary

By Millie Coty

At right is a OOAK 2003 Dave Fetty signed Vasa Murrhina 6.25" footed fish vase with Black accents.




Mark your Calendars...

The dates for the 2019 NFGS 29th Annual Convention are July 27, 28, and 29 to be held at Quality Inn, Marietta, OH 45750




Michael Dickinson's Art

By Millie Coty                                                             

Michael Dickinson had available the 8.5" X 11" print of the Fenton Art Glass factory for $20.00 and the Christmas ornament for $38.50.  Please see page 15 of The Flyer for details.                                                SO18-15-PRINT.jpg


Right: Ruby Pinecone ruffled plate or low bowl

Below left: Cameo Opalescent 9.5" flared Peacock vase - unlisted size

Below right:  Ruby/Amberina Lincoln Inn 10" flared cupped vase

Bottom left: Wisteria (Amethyst) Opalescent #3600 ball jug pitcher and tumbler set

Bottom right top:  #1502 clear Tangerine candlesticks with cuttings                                  Bottom right bottom:  #1502 candlesticks in Tangerine Opalescent

SO18-16-cameo_peacock.jpg SO18-16-L_I_VASE.JPG




The Fenton Years

By Carolyn Kriner

The author takes us along on a trip down memory lane.  Somehow there is no happily-ever-after to this story, except for all the wonderful memories we have to share with those who never made it to the Fenton factory. Our experiences were the best of times.   

SO18-17-aqua_glass.jpg SO18-17-glass_display.jpg

Fenton Secondary Market Skies a Bit Bluer?

By Doug McIntosh

Below:  Sung Ko 14-inch oval bowl; $2025; 5 bids; 3 bidders

Left center:   10-inch Ruby cased cameo vase with the 'Iris and Butterflies' design sand-carved into the glass; $1306.25; Buy-it-Now

Left bottom:  Aladdin, 1997 Burmese with 'Roses' design lamp; $900; Buy-it-Now

Below 24-inch Burmese Satin GWTW poppy lamp, $799.99; Buy-it-Now

Right bottom:  Dave Fetty two-handled Black Hanging Hearts on Cobalt Satin cased 10-inch vase; Best offer - $1500; $1080 - final price

Webmaster's note:  The lamp pictured on the bottom of the left column is Rosalene, offered in 1995. 

The Dave Fetty Cobalt Satin vase is the #8858 K8 Braveheart vase, offered in 2005. 



S018-20-ROSALENE_LAMP.jpg SO10-20-BRAVE_HRT.jpg

2019 NFGS Convention

July 27, 28, & 29

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Auctions Banquet * Bingo * Glass Displays Consignment Auction * Dinner Cruise


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 24 - 26, 2019


Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check, to:                             National Fenton Glass Society   P. O. Box 4008                           Marietta, OH  45750