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September - October '12

This page is designed to complement The Fenton FlyerThe Fenton Flyer is printed in black and white, with color highlights on several pages, but without full color photos.  We hope the members of the NFGS enjoy viewing the photos in color, and the visitors to the NFGS website enjoy them and are curious to learn more about the articles they represent.  To learn more about the NFGS or to join, please visit the Membership page by clicking on the title in the panel on the left or on the bottom of this page.



 2012 NFGS Convention Highlights

Special Memories from the 2012 Convention....By Claire Kauffung                    An overview of the convention activities, including a demonstration by Jena Blair and Truda Mendenhall.


In Loving Tribute to Linda L. Glasgow......................By Millie Coty

Linda Glasgow, of New Johnsonville, TN passed away as the result of injuries sustained in a car accident on August 20.  Linda (member #3665) and her husband Carl joined the NFGS in June 1998.  Linda served on the Board of the NFGS from 2001 until 2010.  She served as Secretary (2002 until 2010), on the Education Committee (2001 to present), Membership Committee (2003 to present), and the Tellers Committee (2004 to 2010).  The annual NFGS lapel pins were Linda's idea that became a reality in 2003 with the issue of the NFGS logo pins and the Sage Mist Happiness Bird pin.    


2012 Edward V. Tell Education Award...........................By Millie CotySO12_Walk_Ed_Tell.JPG

Madge Tell presented the Ed Tell Award to John Walk prior to the Glass ID Forum on Saturday, July 28.  John Walk has written a myriad of books on Fenton Art Glass, presented a seminar to the 2002 convention-goers, shown table displays, and contributed regular articles to The Fenton Flyer.  The latest series is titled "Keeping Your Eyes Open".  Madge Tell also presented the Ed Tell Award to Thomas K. Smith (posthumously), prior to the Banquet on Monday, July 30.  Anne Nelson accepted the award.  Tom, member # 35, was instrumental in establishing this award.  Tom wrote a column for the Flyer titled "Frank Would Have Loved This", gave seminars, provided table displays and wrote a book titled Early Fenton Rarities:  1907-1938.    

Gorgeous Displays

By Sharon Fenner


Room Raffle Winner!

NFGS office secretary Suzy Goodacre (left) and Heather, our Comfort Inn coordinator (right), drew Becki Ann Selby's name for a four night stay.

The table above, "NFGS MEMBERS OFFHAND GLASS",  is a collective display of Barber pieces shared by several members.  We had 28 additional beautiful table displays encircling the ballroom; each more eye-catching than the next!  

A Tribute to Tom Smith

By Millie Coty

Thomas K. Smith, 54, of Carmel, IN passed into eternal life on July 11, 2012.  He was employed as a land surveyor for 20 years, until in 1995 a passion for antique glass led him to pursue a career as a professional glassware dealer.  He was nationally recognized for his extensive knowledge of American-made glass.  He wrote a highly-regarded book on Fenton Art Glass titled, Early Fenton Rarities, 1907-1938.                           

The above is a paraphrase of the obituary printed in the Indianapolis Star.

Tom, member #35, served on the NFGS Board of Directors from 1991-2001, was Vice President from 1993-1994, Convention Chairman from 1993-1994, and NFGS President from 1994-1995.  He was Chairperson and then a member of the Education Committee for many years.  He sat on the Glass Forum panel at each convention and helped during Display Table review.  Since the 1990 inception of the NFGS, Tom was a staunch supporter in every way.    


The Fenton Barometer--kind of like the Midwest

By A. Fenton Fann


Mr. Fann shares an analysis of eBay sales over the months of June and July.  Pictured are some of the items sold during that time.  Carnival items and lamps continue to account for a good portion of the Top 20 items.

Clockwise from Top Right:  Orange Tree Orchard spittoon whimsy; Peter Rabbit 9-inch plate; Dragon and Lotus bowl; Cherry Chain chop plate; and Hearts and Horseshoe Good Luck bowl.


Promoting the NFGS at the NDGA Show in Kokomo, IN

By Millie Coty


The 38th Annual National Depression Glass Association Show and Sale was held in Kokomo, IN on July 14-15, 2012.  Millie Coty and Sarah Plummer (above) represented the NFGS.  
Beverly Manthe of the Depression Era Glass Society of Wisconsin, winner of the NFGS iridized tobacco jar and a one-year NFGS membership at the NDGA live auction.   

Fenton Display Tables at the NDGA Show


Fenton Ivory Crest
Rare Fenton Candlesticks
SO12_NDGA_Blue_Stretch.JPG SO12_NDGA_Fenton_Jade.JPG
Fenton Blue Stretch Glass
Early Fenton Jade

Convention Memories - A Photo Montage!


A collection of photos taken during various NFGS Convention events.

Right:  The "Dream Team" of David Fetty, Robert Barber and Delmer Stowasser were together for the first time after 36 years.

SO12_Robert_and_Belinda.JPG The NFGS Consignment Auction:  Above:  Robert and Belinda Fetty discuss one of his vases                                                          Right:  Robert and Doug McIntosh  
SO12_People_Boat.JPG SO12_Frank_Robert_Boat.JPG
Above:  Members waiting to board the Valley Gem Sternwheeler on July 29, 2012
Above:  Frank Workman and Robert Barber met on the Valley Gem cruise


Demonstrations at Gabbert Cullet:

Above:  Dave Fetty blowing the gather            Right:  Robert Barber applying threads to the vase


Below:  Dave Fetty overseeing Delmer Stowasser making swirls in the vase

Right:  Dave Fetty putting the finishing touches on the vase



 Photographer - Howard Seufer:

Below:  Howard Suefer with Robert Barber  Right:  Howard with Delmer Stowasser




The Auction:


Top Left:  Robert Barber with Les Rowe, displaying cake.                                                 Top Right:  Robert's birthday cake                     Left:  Rock Wilson, banquet auctioneer              Below:  Linda Glasgow with the Kelsey Murphy cameo Sage Mist Happiness Bird won during the banquet auction


Spectacular 2012 Convention Glass Available...
Limited quantities of the glass introduced during the convention are still available.  Please visit the Exclusive NFGS Glass page for individual pictures, descriptions, and prices.  
SO12Group_shot.JPG There are seven variations of the Lotus Mist Peacock vases from which to choose!SO12_group_peacocks.JPG

Convention Finds

By Ckris Cord

Right:  Ckris Cord pictured with the greatest finds of the 2012 NFGS Convention:  Delmer Stowasser, Robert Barber, and Dave Fetty

Below:  Delmer Stowasser Vasa Murrhina penguin, sold at the NFGS Consignment Auction for $300.

Below Right:  #857 6-inch Flame fan vase, sold for $160 at the NFGS Consignment Auction



Below:  34142Z Murphy/Bomkamp cameo Poppa Panda 5-inch vase, sold for $225 in the consignment auctionSO12_FindsPanda_Vase.JPG

 SO12_FindsGOLD_RODVase.JPG SO12_Finds_Horse_Vase.JPG
#7265 Golden Rod 12-inch fan vase, HTF,  sold for $1,000 at the NFGS consignment auction
Ebony sample vase, hp by Louise Piper, Unicorn design, dated 1/7/85, sold for $225


Above:  #8014 Jamestown Blue Horizon 12-inch hanging vase with thong.  Made in 1959 only. Sold for $375

Right:  Robert Barber Studio one-of-a-kind Blue/Gold off-hand vase, sold for #325 in the NFGS Consignment Auction




Below:  Fenton Gray Roses Tall Comport - 10-inch


Left:  Fenton Aqua Crest 8-inch Sweet Meat - Made in 1948

Below:  Fenton Aladdin Lamp - handpainted Burmese



Left:  Fenton Plum Opalescent Hobnail vase - a very rare 3-inch sample, made in 1960

Below:  Fenton French Opalescent Open Edge Basketweave Bowl; 7-inches deep and 8-inches across  SO12_Fr_Opal_Open_Edge.JPG


Fenton's Collectibles Provides Glassmaking Experience

By Millie Coty

Ann and John Fenton of Republic, MO came to Williamstown with their hot studio in tow, and set up shop at Gabbert's Cullet.  Dave Fetty, Robert Barber and Delmer Stowasser created a vase which was donated by John and Ann, to the NFGS, to auction.  Pictured are the winners of that vase, Claire and Alan Kauffung.



NFGS Helps Local Charity with 50/50 Drawing .............By Millie Coty

Sarah Plummer's name was drawn during the banquet.  The proceeds were donated to Hearts and Hands, a Williamstown, WV charity.


The Tin Rabbit Closing

By Millie Coty

The Tin Rabbit, a well-known antique store at 204 Front Street in Marietta, OH closed its doors after 30 successful years.  Barbara Gammon, proprietor, has retired.  Barb and her antique business will be missed.  


Keeping Your Eyes Open, or "Naw...It was Amberina!"

By John Walk

Remembering Tom - John Walk shares experiences he had while traveling with Tom.

Whimsy Fenton Pieces at the Convention -     Two interesting items are pictured.  First is an Hour Glass Hobnail Oil Bottle in Cranberry. 

Next is a a Milk Glass Hobnail Footed Stemmed Sweet Meat. SO12_Hobnail_PITCHER.JPG SO12_Sweet_Meat_1.JPGSO12_Sweet_Meat_2.JPG

Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton

By Anne Nelson

Right:  While Fenton did design these vases, they did not make vases.  They were made in China for a floral delivery company.  They arrived in the USA by the shipping container load.

Below:  This 4-1/2 inch ruffle-topped vase has opalescent vertical lines and a ruffle often seen in Fenton pieces.  It is not a Fenton shape, the ruffle is too high, and Fenton rarely left a rough pontil.  It's likely and older Victorian-era vase.

Below Right:  This 5-inch vase is fully cased, crested, and evenly crimped.  But the shape is not quite right, and Fenton used a clear crest (Silvercrest) not a gold crest.  The decoration is not Fenton or Charleton; it wasn't painted, but raised like a decal.  It has an obvious pontil, that has been ground out, and a number has been painted in the ground out space.  It is likely an earlier piece.     



SO12_Just_Cuz_-_Cased_Blue_Vict2.JPG SO12_Just_Cuz_-_Gold-Pink2.JPG



Frank  and Tom Would Have   Loved This

By Anne Nelson, with assistance from friends

Below is a magnificent ruby console set Frank and Tom would have loved.  Found in New England, this set consists of a #604, 14-inch console bowl and a pair of #749 12-inch candlesticks. 

 SO12_Frank_Tom_Ruby_Set.JPG SO12_Frank_Tom_Loved_Ruby_2.JPG
Check out additional convention pictures on the Convention Fotos 2012 page.