National Fenton Glass Society, Inc.


Formed in 1990, the National Fenton Glass Society is chartered by the State of Ohio as a not-for-profit corporation. The Society's purpose is to promote the study, understanding and enjoyment of handmade glass, the handmade glass industry and especially glass made by the Fenton Art Glass Company, of Williamstown, West Virginia. The NFGS strives to foster informed discussion among all who wish to learn more about this traditional art form.

Dues for the 2020 membership year are due January 1. Please visit the Membership page to renew via PayPal, mail your dues, or phone the NFGS office to pay via credit card. All information is on page 2 of The Fenton Flyer.

If you are interested in joining the NFGS, you may use the options above. Any time is a great time to join the NFGS. You will be mailed all missed issues of the membership year. You may print a Dues Reminder and a Membership Application from the Membership page.


Our 30th Annual Convention is cancelled. 

Please plan to join us to celebrate in 2021.  

Check out the Events page for a tentative schedule.

Convention headquarters will be the Quality Inn - Marietta, OH 

 Introducing our 2020 Membership Mice

Teal_balloons_30_frt_-_374.jpg    ND19-1-LILY.jpg

Our Teal mouse has a bouquet of balloons, ready to celebrate 30 years.

Our Ruby mouse has a bouquet of lilies, the flower for the 30th year!  

Samantha will be in the NFGS office to handle the mail, voice mail, and email. She may not be in the office covering our normal posted hours. Please be patient, she will answer your communication. Thank you. 🐦

Fenton Decorators List

Please check out the list of Fenton decorators that has been compiled. This 12-page list will be updated as more information becomes available.  Please view or print the list from the PDF below. 

Included below are a Membership Application Form and a 2020 Membership Renewal Form in PDF format. Visit the Membership page to join via PayPal.   


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Marietta, OH  45750

Phone/FAX: (740) 374-3345

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